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We are your full-service source for game parts, supplies, repairs, service, and game sales!

With over 35 years in both the hobby and industry, we provide sales and service to both public and commercial customers alike, including private game owners, home game rooms, public/commercial locations, and high-end game collectors.
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Featured Items:

Rubber Assortment Kit - Black
$27.99 each

Earth, Wind, & Fire (Zaccaria) ROM Chips

Playboy (Stern)
Rubber Ring Kit
$25.19 each

Simpsons (Data East) Instruction Card (German)
$2.00 each

Vertical Up-Kicker Coil Plunger / Armature - 4-1/16" Length
$11.95 each

Central Park (Gottlieb) Schematics
$16.00 each

MPSA92 Transistor
$0.50 each

TIP102 Transistor
$1.50 each

Bubble Level Vial
$4.83 each

Godzilla (Sega) Slingshot Bumper Plastics
$30.00 set

Viper Night Drivin' (Sega) Game Manual
$30.00 each

Lamp Socket- Short Lay-Down, 2 Lugs
$2.39 each

Spinner / Ball Gate Mounting Bracket (Gottlieb)
$7.95 each

Ball Shooter Rebuild Kit - Late Data East, Sega, Stern Pinball Games
$10.18 each

Coil - K-28-1200 (Chicago Coin / Stern)
$14.95 each

Pinion Gear - Terminator 2 / Revolution X video (Midway)
$7.95 each

Trim, speaker/display panel - "H" channel
$12.76 each

Coil - NO-27-2300 (Bally)
$18.95 each

Coin Door Price Plate - Williams, Yellow "Dollars"
$10.00 each

Twilight Zone (Bally) ROM Chips

Space Time (Bally)
Rubber Ring Kit
$16.22 each

Sopranos (Stern) Sales Flyer, Original
$3.00 each

Lamp Socket 'Spotlight' Reflector, Chrome
$2.71 each

Flipper Bushing, Stern (Early Games) (USED)
$2.00 each

E-Clip - 3/8-Inch
$0.29 each
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