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Coils (Solenoids) & Coil Parts

Coils for flippers, bumpers, kickers, relays, and more.

  • ALL SALES FINAL: Sales on all electrical/electronic parts are final- no returns, refunds, or exchanges. Please consider and make your choice wisely before purchasing- or contact us if you have any questions.

  • CONDITION OF NEW PARTS: Please check/test/verify new parts for proper operation before installing in your game. Perfection is not a guarantee- some brand new parts occasionally come defective right from the manufacturer. To avoid damage to you, your location, or your game, it always pays to quickly test any new part before installation. We (Action Pinball & Amusement, LLC) are not responsible for any damage caused by new faulty parts that may be installed in your game. Purchase of any parts through our website indicates your acceptance of this disclaimer. Contact us if you receive a part that appears defective. Any "defective" parts returned must be unused and uninstalled, or replacement will not be honored.

  • TESTING AND REPAIR HELP: If you are unsure about testing a component, or don't know how to properly test, please enlist the help of a professional. We (Action Pinball) do not provide technical repair help or assistance by phone or e-mail- we simply provide parts for sale to you through our website. It is up to you to handle the actual repair/installation of parts and your game in general. Please consult with your local pinball repair person or electronic repair shop if you require assistance or have any questions on repair work or testing.


For related items not listed here, see our General Parts & Supplies page and our Electronic Parts page.
Coil Parts:
Washer, Tension - Coil / Solenoid
Part #: 269-5002-00
Condition: New

Used on many games to provide tension on front or back of coil to keep the coil firmly in place when mounted. Will fit/work on... more

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$0.89 each
(18 Available)
Rubber Grommet - Coil Plunger Rest
Part #: 23-6420
Condition: New

Rubber grommet used on coil brackets as a rest for the coil plunger. Used on such devices as replay knockers, bells, chimes,... more

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$0.40 each
1N4004 Diode
Part #: 1N4004
Condition: New

1N4004 diode. Also replaces 1N4001, 1N4002, and 1N4003. As used on most devices including flipper and bumper coils (solenoids),... more

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$0.19 each

Nylon Coil Sleeves:

Common replacement sleeves in various lengths/styles for most applications, and all makes and models. Coil sleeves are also referred to as "coil tubing".

Always a good idea to replace the coil sleeve when rebuilding/servicing flippers, bumpers, kickers, and other coil devices. Old worn sleeves can add friction to coil plungers and decrease performance. Restore that like-new feel and performance to your game with a few cheap coil sleeves!

Sleeve measurements listed below are overall length (end to end).

Standard Sleeves:
Standard type sleeve for coils that use a coil plunger stop- flippers, pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, saucers, eject coils, outhole kickers, mechanical auto-launchers, etc.

Length: Part #: Price: Order: Notes:
1-3/4 inch
03-7066 $0.69 each Order For most standard size coils including EM and early solid-state flippers, pop bumpers, slingsot bumpers, ball eject and saucer coils, etc. Direct replacement for Gottlieb # A-5064, Williams # 03-7066, Stern # 545-5031-00 and 545-5411-00, old Stern # 4A-152, and more.
1-1/4 inch
A-8111-57 $0.69 each Order For short coils as used on EM pinball score reels, stepper units, chime units, drop target units, and similar. Replaces Gottlieb # A-8111-57 and possible others.
1-5/16 inch
03-7066-1 $0.85 each Order For short coils as used on EM pinball score reels, stepper units, chime units, drop target units, and similar. Replaces # 91-1509, Chicago Coin # 130-1536, Gottlieb # A-8111, Williams # 03-7066-1 & 3A-7661, and others.
1-11/16 inch
03-7066-2 $0.69 each Order Replaces Williams # 03-7066-2, Stern # 545-5031-00.
1-7/8 inch
03-7066-3 $0.85 each Order Replaces Williams # 03-7066-3, Gottlieb # 5065 & A-5065.
2-1/16 inch
03-7066-4 $1.00 each Order As used on Williams mechanical and early solid-state games for drop target reset coil. Replaces Williams # 03-7066-4, and others.
2-3/16 inch
03-7066-5 $0.75 each Order Used on most modern "long" flipper coils and diverter/specialty coils. Direct replacement for Williams # 03-7066-5, Stern # 545-5388-00, Data East # 515-5086-00, and others.
2-3/8 inch
03-7068 $1.50 each Order For large drop target reset coils such as NO-26-1900, NB-26-1900, NO-27-2300, NO-24-1400, and similar, on Bally and Stern solid-state pinballs. 9/16" inner diameter, 5/8" outer diameter. Slightly longer than originals- trim to fit if necessary. Also replaces Williams # 2A-2168.
1-1/8 inch
545-5442-00 $0.99 each Order For small-bore coils used on some later-model Stern pinball games. Fits coils with 3/8" ID opening.

Flange Sleeves:
Sleeves with flange near one end. Used for devices without a coil plunger stop, where coil plunger goes all the way through the coil. Such devices are vertical up-kickers, kickback lane coils, coil auto-launchers, replay knockers, bell/chime coils, and similar.

Length: Part #: Price: Order: Notes:
1-7/8 inch
- Standard -
03-7067 $0.55 each Order For use on devices like bells, chimes, vertical up-kickers, kick-out scoops and holes, etc. Replacement for Williams # 03-7067-5, Stern # 545-5076-01, and many others.
2-3/4 inch
03-7067-1 $0.85 each Order Long sleeve used on many later-model Bally & Williams games.
1-1/2 inch
03-7067-2 $1.15 each Order  
1-19/32 inch
03-7067-3 $1.15 each Order  
2-1/16 inch
03-7067-5 $0.75 each Order  
2-5/8 inch
03-7067-6 $0.79 each Order  
1-13/16 inch
545-5076-00 $0.95 each Order  
1-3/16 inch
545-5500-00 $2.25 each Order For small ball release coil on Apollo 13 and other games. Fits coils with 3/8" I.D. opening.
2-1/4 inch
545-5709-00 $0.85 each Order Used in drop target assemblies in Sega/Stern games such as Monopoly, Playboy, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Twister and similar others.
2-11/16 inch
545-5847-00 $0.85 each Order Replaces Williams # 03-7067-1, Stern # 545-5847-00, Gottlieb # 5142.

Coils (Solenoids):
We carry thousands of different coils for most makes and models- old games and new!

Too many to list on one page! View coils by selecting a coil part number category below, or use the Search box at the top of this page to search by full or partial part number, keyword, game name, coil mechanism, etc.

Not finding what you need? Some coils can be substituted for different coil numbers, or for coils that are out-of-stock or obsolete. Use the Search feature at top of page, or e-mail us- we'll respond quickly and be glad to help!

- Coil part number categories temporarily unavailable- please check back -


  1. COIL SLEEVES: Unless otherwise noted, new coils we sell come with new coil sleeves. If you need extra coil sleeves, or different style/length coil sleeves, you can order separately above.

  2. COIL DIODES: Some coils come with diodes installed across the solder lugs, others do not. Please read the part description before ordering to see if the coil you are looking at comes with a diode or not. If you need to order a coil diode, you can order part # 1N4004 above. And please read the next section on "Coil/Wire Polarity".

  3. COIL/WIRE POLARITY: (For coils with diodes only). If replacing a coil with diode, try to make note of the wire polarity on the old coil (which wire connects to which coil lug), so you can properly connect the wires on the new coil. But this is not all- polarity of the wires is based on the orientation of the diode on the coil lugs. Diodes may not always be installed on new coils in the same direction as old coils, so always take note of polarity based on the diode's orientation- not just the lugs.
    The end of the diode with the band (cathode end) always has the HOT (power) wire connected to it's lug. (For coils that use 2 diodes, this is the end lug that is connected to a diode's banded end- as shown in the diagram at left). The end of the diode without the band (anode end) always has the COLD (ground, low, or neutral) wire connected to it's lug. Connecting the wires in reverse will destroy the diode and possibly blow a fuse when power is applied. Be sure to observe correct polarity.

    • AC Current Circuits: Most circuits in EM games are AC current. You cannot use a coil with a diode on it in an AC circuit, or it will short-circuit, blow the fuse, and short out the diode on the coil. If you are replacing a coil in an AC circuit, make sure the diode is clipped off the coil. This will allow it to work properly in an EM game's AC circuit. There is no wire/coil polarity (positive or negative) in AC circuits- wires can be connected to either coil lug without any problems.

    • DC Current Circuits: Some EM games have DC current circuits for some devices, like pop bumpers and slingshot bumpers (usually mid-to-late 1970's EM games). Coils used in these circuits must have a diode on them. You must observe correct polarity when attaching wires to a coil with a diode, or the diode will be destroyed when power is applied. See "COIL/WIRE POLARITY" above for more info.

      If you are not sure what kind of circuit/game you have, e-mail us and we'll be glad to tell you.


    • Coils WITH Diodes: Be sure to observe polarity when connecting wires to your new coil. We are not responsible for any damage caused by improper installation. See "COIL/WIRE POLARITY" above.

    • Coils WITHOUT Diodes: Some later-model electronic games will not use diodes on the coils, but will have them present in the circuitry on the coil driver board (ie: a "tie-back" diode). This is generally only available in games made from 1990 & up. Earlier games that do not have diode protection built into them must have a diode installed on the coil when installing, otherwise damage may occur to electronic parts on the circuit boards.

  6. COIL PART NUMBERS: Part numbers on many coils of most manufacturers have two numbers (or sets of numbers) that indicate the overall strength of the coil, or what it is generally used for. For example, a "23-800" coil is a coil with 23 gauge wire, and 800 turns of wire. A "23-750" coil is the same thing, but with 750 turns instead of 800, which makes it just a bit stronger than a 23-800 coil (less windings = less resistance = more power).

    Prefix numbers on coils (such as "AE", "SG", "SA", etc.) indicate the type of nylon bobbin, size (length/width) of coil, coil lug/diode orientation, or diode presence/absence, and between coils of the same length/width, are more of a cosmetic feature than functional value- different types like these are usually interchangeable. For example, an "AE" type coil will replace an "SG" or an "AN" coil in most all cases. However, a "B" type coil will not replace an "A" or "AE" type coil (lengths are different). If you have any questions on coil subsititutions, feel free to e-mail us and we'll help if we can!

If an exact replacement isn't available for the coil you need, you can often use one that is close, or similar in strength. Most manufacturer's coils are interchangeable in regard to size, and type of use. If you have any coil questions, just e-mail us.

Not finding what you need? Use the Search feature at top of page to search by full or partial part number, or by keyword, game name, mechanism name (pop bumper, flipper, etc). Some obsolete/factory numbers are often listed under other coil numbers. Or E-mail us for help.
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