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  • Price: - SOLD -
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Date Produced: October, 1980
  • # of Players: 1 to 4
  • Units Produced: 7,050
  • Design: Claude Fernandez
  • Art: Constantino Mitchell

Interested Buyers Please Note:

Thank you for your interest in this classic and professionally reconditioned pinball game. Even if you are "just looking" and not necessarily in the market for a game such as this, we appreciate your stopping by for a look! We hope you enjoy what you see here!

While this game has been overhauled and reconditioned to look, play, and work as good and reliably as possible, all pinball machines- old or new- will require some adjustment, maintenance, service, and repair as time goes on. There simply is no such thing as a "zero maintenance" pinball machine- anywhere. Older vintage pinball games such as this one that not only have many moving parts, but also have the inherent aspect of older age on their side, may tend to require a bit more upkeep in their day-to-day operation simply due to their age and previous use. This game is offered for sale under these conditions and based on these considerations.

We ask any interested buyers to please carefully consider the aspects and responsibility of owning and maintaining a used, restored pinball game, understanding that occasional repairs, adjustments, maintenance, and service will more-or-less be an integral part of owning and using a vintage game such as this one, as time goes on.

Repairs and adjustments of this type are not covered under warranty for non-local customers (customers outside the local Salt Lake City, Utah, area), so any out-of-town customers are advised to take the above information into consideration before making a decision to purchase or not to purchase this game. If you need any further information, please e-mail us.
Thank You! - Action Pinball & Amusement Management & Staff

Page Contents:

Game Video:

See and hear this game in action!

Click the play button on the video at the right to see and hear a sample of this game being played!

See the Images section below for detailed images of this game.

Game Description:

Blackout is one of the classic-style electronic pinball games produced by Williams during the height of pinball's golden era of the early 1980's. With it's popular "outer space" theme, cool artwork, stunning sound effects and speech, and fantastic lighting effects, this game kept the quarters stacked up on the glass in arcades all over the country.

One of the more popular games of its time, Blackout often got heavy play out in the arcades and it's very difficult to find a Blackout game that's still in really good condition. We're proud to offer this classic Blackout game- reconditioned and overhauled for great looks, fast fun play, and reliability- and sure to entertain for many more years to come!

Aside from lots of pinball fun, the main object of game play in Blackout is to complete the three banks of green, red, and yellow targets to light the right saucer for "Blackout"- a unique award that produces a stunning light and sound show in the game, and awards the player 50,000 points! Not as easy as it sounds- this game will challenge your Pinball Wizard skills and keep you coming back for more, time and time again!

The 5-bank of "green" targets on the left advances the upper left spinner lane toward Extra Ball. Shoot a full orbit shot through the left spinner orbit lane- crossing the top rollovers area- and coming back down the right upper spinner lane- and hear the game speak to you by announcing "Orbit Completed!" Each completed orbit also advances the left spinner lane toward Extra Ball. Shoot the right saucer when lit to collect Extra Ball.

Two 3-bank drop target units are found on the playfield- the "red" targets being the bank in the center, and the "yellow" targets being the bank in the upper right corner. Complete these, along with the 5-bank of "green" standup targets to light right saucer for "Blackout!" Each time you complete a target bank, hear the game announce, "Condition Green!", "Condition Yellow!", and "Condition Red!".

This game also features three fast-action pop bumpers, three rollover lanes at the top with the popular Lane-Change™ feature (first year Lane Change™ was introduced!), three spinners, a kickout saucer, fast slingshot bumpers, and lively flippers- all making for fast, fun play that will take you back to the arcade of years past. Great colors and classic Williams pinball artwork adorn the playfield and backglass and really make for a great, fun, pinball experience- for beginners and experts alike. Enough to really challenge the best of players, but still straightforward enough, and fun, for novice and "newbie" players alike. After a game or two, we think you'll agree!

Game Condition:

Playfield: Playfield on this game is in overall very good condition and has a very nice-looking, attractive appearance. Playfield was fully stripped, cleaned, polished, and waxed during the restoration process, which restored a nice glossy shine to the finish. All plastic pieces, or "light shields", are present and in great condition. All rubber rings and bumpers have been replaced with brand new parts. Burned-out light bulbs have been replaced and all plastic light "inserts" in the playfield have been cleaned from underneath to remove dust/dirt and allow maximum light to shine through.

Bumpers have been tuned and adjusted for quick response and fast play. All standup targets, drop targets, and spinner targets have had brand new
target decals installed and once again look brand new.

Drop target units on this game- commonly problematic parts in vintage Williams games such as this one- have been fully cleaned, rebuilt, and upgraded, to perform better and more reliably and help avoid problems. Each drop target bank has been fully removed from the game, broken-down into all individual parts, thoroughly cleaned (including plastic targets, which have also had brand new target decals installed), and everything rebuilt. In addition, we have also cleaned and polished the contacts on the backs of the targets and on the small PC boards that mount behind each target, which have the "wiper contacts" that are often the source of problems in these games. To help avoid problems in the future, and add to the reliability of the game, we have cleaned and polished the target contacts, and applied a coating of DeoxIt anti-oxidation compound which helps lubricate and keep the contact surfaces cleaner, longer, and greatly improves reliability. We have also removed and replaced all of the old jumper wires that were connected to the target PC boards- these are also common sources of problems where wires would break off from vibrations over time. We have installed brand new wires on the backs of all the targets, so they are healthy and fresh, and will help add to the reliability for years to come.

Flippers on this game have been completely replaced and upgraded with complete brand new modern units which provide a much firmer, crisper flip, and feature modern-day components that can easily be serviced/replaced if/when necessary- no archaic obsolete parts on the flippers in this game! Flippers have been tuned and adjusted for maximum performance and reliability.

Playfield finish is in very good condition and easily rates "above average" compared to other games of the same era and popularity- well preserved. Some minor spots of touch-up have been done by a previous owner of the game- mostly in the solid-black areas here and there on the playfield, and are not obvious. Slingshot bumpers have had Mylar protectors installed in front of them by a previous owner as well, so these high-traffic areas are protected against wear/tear and will also help to preserve the playfield finish. Some very minor signs of wear/tear from past normal use are of course still present on this original playfield, as is common on any older, vintage pinball. Overall, the playfield on this game is in very nice condition and attractive with no major signs of wear/tear, neglect, or damage. Very well-preserved- we would rate it at slightly above-average condition for a game of it's age and popularity.

Backbox: Backbox on this game is in great shape, having had only a few small chips and scratches on the sides and corners- mostly in the solid black areas- most of which have been touched-up to be less conspicuous. Front surround, top, and back of the backbox have all been repainted with matching semi-gloss black enamel paint for a clean, fresh appearance.

Insert panel behind glass has been cleaned and new light bulbs installed as needed. Displays and cables have also been cleaned. Interior of backbox has been cleaned out and circuit boards checked/tested for proper operation. All circuit boards have been removed and have had the solder reflowed on the backs of their connector pins to repair and eliminate any hairline cracks from old age and vibration, which are a common source of intermittent problems in older games such as this one. Score displays are all fully functional and great looking with no burned-out or missing segments, etc. All look and work great.

MPU board has had a new remote-mount battery kit installed, with quick-disconnect connector. This relocates the batteries from the original on-board mounting position, to an off-board location, and protects the board against battery leakage damage which can occur should the batteries go neglected for a long period of time. The MPU board in this game is original and in good working condition, showing no signs of any battery leakage damage or any signs of previous repair work.

All connector pins on all circuit boards and displays in the backbox have had DeoxIt anti-oxidant compound applied to them, which both protects against oxidation and intermittent connection failures, as well as lubricates the connector pins to reduce stress and strain on the connectors and boards when connectors are removed/installed for service.

Main Cabinet: Main cabinet is in very good condition all around. A few chips and scratches were present when we acquired this game, most of which have been touched-up during the overhaul. The back of the main cabinet has been fully repainted in matching semi-gloss black enamel, and new white nylon gliders installed to replace worn original gliders. Cabinet "neck", which backbox mounts on, was also repainted in original semi-gloss black enamel for a fresh clean look. New leg protector pads have been installed under each leg to help protect against wear/tear on the cabinet. Legs have been cleaned and shined-up with new leg levelers installed.

Coin door has been cleaned and adjusted for proper operation, including U.S. quarter and dollar coin mechanisms which can be used for coin play (game comes set on "free play" but can be set back to "coin play" easily, if so desired).

Custom Modifications:
  • Remote-mount battery holder for MPU board added in backbox. Includes quick-disconnect for easy MPU board removal from the game, if ever needed.
  • New set of cabinet leg protector pads added under legs to protect game finish from unnecessary scatches and scrapes.

Game Images:

(Click for larger view)
Playfield- overall view. Overhaul complete and fully reassembled.
Detail- lower playfield and flippers area. Apron (score card holder) is original and in good shape, having only a few small nicks and scuffs from normal use over the years. Brand new score and instruction cards have been installed.

Flippers are entirely brand new on this game- the old original obsolete and worn out flipper parts were removed and replaced/upgraded with modern units, which work better, and are easier to maintain and replace parts on, should they ever need service.
Detail- lower playfield/flippers area- left side view. A few small wear spots in various places on the playfield were touched-up by a previous owner of the game before we acquired it, and some signs of normal past use and wear/tear are still naturally present on this vintage game, but overall the playfield has a good clean appearance to it. Protective Mylar slingshot bumper protectors were installed at some point in the past to help protect against wear/tear.
Detail- left side of playfield- 5-bank standup targets.

All targets on this game (standup targets, spinner targets, and drop targets) have all had brand new target decals installed, to restore original appearance.
Detail- right side of playfield- kickout saucer and lower right spinner. Completing the target banks lights green, yellow, and red lights here. Once all are lit, the saucer is lit for "Blackout" which awards 50,000 points and does a cool light and sound show when you collect it!
Upper playfield- center drop target bank, pop bumpers, and top rollover lane areas. Drop target banks have been fully rebuilt in this game including new wiring, cleaned-up contacts, and have had an anti-oxidant compound applied to the contacts to keep them working better, longer.

Note the "like new" look of the stainless steel ball rail on the outer edge of the spinner lane, wrapping up and over the top of the rollover lanes. All stainless steel ball rails on this game have been removed and restored using our proprietary in-house process which removes not only dirt and grime, but old ball marks and scuffs, and restores the "grain" to the metal's finish. They once again look like brand new!

Note the brand new white nylon cap nuts that have been installed on the plastics to keep them in place- a nice finishing touch!
Upper right corner of playfield- upper right spinner and drop target bank. Complete an "orbit" loop shot from the left spinner all the way up and over and down to the right spinner, and hear the game say, "Orbit Completed!" Complete orbits (or 5-bank targets) to advance Blackout saucer for Extra Ball!
Top of playfield -rollover lanes area. Note the brand new blue rollover lane guides installed between the rollover lanes at top of playfield. The upper right pop bumper cap has a small chip out of the top left side of it. We are currently searching for a replacement cap and will include it with the game if we can locate one.
Under-playfield view. Note brand new upgraded modern flipper mechanisms installed.

(Click for larger view)
Game overall view.
Cabinet- left side. A few small nicks/scratches were present on the cabinet sides, most/all of which were touched-up during the overhaul. Metal cabinet side-rails and front lockdown bar have been cleaned/polished for a nice clean, smooth finish. Flipper buttons are brand new.
Cabinet- right side. Legs have been thoroughly cleaned and shined up and have brand new heavy-duty leg levelers installed. Legs also have brand new leg protector pads installed which help keep scuffs and scratches off the cabinet where the legs mount- a nice finishing touch!
Main cabinet- front, and coin door. Coin door has been cleaned up and is complete and fully functional, including working 25¢ and U.S. dollar coin mechs. Game can be run on coins if desired (comes set up for "free play"). A new lock and keys have been installed.

Front glass lockdown bar has been cleaned up and has a brand new foam rubber seal strip installed. Some light touch-up has been done to the paint on the front of the game to fix up various nicks, scratches, and scuffs from past use. Ball shooter has been fully cleaned up and rebuilt with new parts. Note the new leg protector pads installed under the legs to help protect the cabinet finish.
Backbox- front and right view. Backglass on this game is original and in good condition. There are a few minor scuffs, nicks, and rub marks on the back (ink) side of the glass from normal use and wear/tear over the years, but still an overall good looking glass. Displays are all original units and are in great shape with no dim, burned-out, or otherwise non-working digits- all work 100%.< /td>
Backbox- left side. Top, back, and edges of backbox have been repainted in matching semi-gloss black enamel for a fresh, clean look. Some minor touch-up has been done on the sides to fix some minor chips/scratches from past use.
Backbox insert panel (backglass removed). Panel is clean and in good shape and all score displays are 100% tested and working.
Backbox interior. All circuit boards have been removed and had solder reflowed on the backs of all connector pins. This repairs cracks in the original solder joints which can cause intermittent connections and operation failures. All connector pins have also had DeoxIt anti-oxidant compound applied to them which not only helps prevent oxidation problems that cause bad connections, but lubricates the connector pins and makes removal/installation of connectors much easier, and helps cut down on stress/strain on connectors and the PC boards themselves.

Note remote-mount memory backup battery kit that has been installed for the MPU board. Remote kit gets the batteries off the valuable MPU board so that they won't damage the board if they go neglected and leak.
Back side of game. Backbox and main cabinet have both been repainted on the back and new white nylon gliders have been installed to replace old worn out original gliders.
Main cabinet interior. Interior has been fully cleaned out, removing any dust and debris from past use. All wiring and parts inside cabinet have been cleaned up as well.

Like all pinballs we sell, this machine also comes complete with instruction/operation manual and schematics, and fully functional coin door with all parts present and working. For our local customers, this game also includes
delivery, setup, and a full warranty on parts and labor, at no additional charge. For out-of-town customers, we offer our limited warranty.

For more details on our work on this particular game, see our restoration information page.

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