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  • Price: - SOLD -
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Date Produced: November, 1997
  • Units Produced: Less than 3,000 (low production)
  • Design: John Popadiuk
  • Software: Cameron Silver
  • Art: Linda Deal
  • Mechanics: Jack Skalon
  • Music: Rob Berry, Dave Zabriskie
  • Animation/Graphics: Adam Rhine, Brian Morris

TRIVIA: Cirqus Voltaire was the only game to feature it's dot-matrix score display on the playfield rather than in its traditional location on the backbox. It was also one of the few "modern" games to feature backbox "animation" with a bouncing ball and scoring devices built in to the backbox.
Cirqus Voltaire features the DCS Digital Sound System.

Page Contents:

  1. Game Description
  2. Game Condition Details
  3. Game Images
  4. Game Sales Information

Game Description:

Cirqus Voltaire captures the magic and mystery of the circus: high-voltage excitement sure to captivate and delight players of all skill levels from eight to eighty!

This game is another hit designed by Bally's famous designer John Popadiuk, who designed such other popular classics as Theatre of Magic, World Cup Soccer, and Star Wars: Episode 1.

Cirqus Voltaire features electrifying performances by acrobats and jugglers, highwire artists and delightful trained animals are just part of an afternoon in this magical world. Have some popcorn, see the BallyHoo sideshows and discover the thrills, splendor and excitement of the circus as the Ringmaster challanges you to see all the Cirqus Marvels!

Fire the cannon, juggle multiball modes, and battle the crazed ringmaster as he pops up from the playfield to capture your ball. Stand in the center ring as dazzling lights, sounds and non-stop action charge the playfield with excitement!

Light up the Cirqus, Unmask Voltaire and then Join the Cirqus, a sensational multi-level wizard mode with the most spectacular grand finale ever seen !

Neon lights, brilliant colors and an interactive backglass draw players to the game and the innovative gameplay and spectacular graphics capture them in a mystical circus atmosphere. With a wide open playfield, easy to understand rules for beginners, a large number of play modes and challenging multiballs for pinball magicians, Cirqus Voltaire has something for everyone!

Game Play: Where do we start? There's so much fun stuff to do on this game- it is literally packed with toys, gadgets, gizmos, and accompanied by great sounds, music, speech, and lighting effects!

This game features gadgets such as:
  • Two, Three, and FOUR ball Multiball(TM) modes!
  • The disappearing "Boom Balloon" pop bumper!
  • Magnets that stop the ball dead in its tracks!
  • An elevating Ringmaster who catches balls on his head and rises up out of the playfield to challenge you through all the modes!
  • A working "cannon" kicker in the backbox that fires a ball and gives you a chance at "Circus Luck"!
  • ... and much, much more!
Shoot the "WOW" targets behind the Ringmaster, then watch as he magically stops the ball and rises up out of the playfield, holding the ball on his head! The Ringmaster throws the ball at you and you must hit him five times to make him raise up further out of the playfield, then shoot under him to defeat him! But you're not done- there are more Ringmasters to follow and you must defeat all of them to play the "wizard" mode and join the circus!
Watch as the Boom Balloon pop bumper shoots up from under the playfield to join in the action! A shot at the Boom Balloon fires the Cannon in the backbox! But shoot fast- the Boom Balloon soon disappears back under the playfield!
This game is one of the most beautiful, fun, and challenging games ever designed by Bally, and even though the multitude of rules and modes on this game will be more than enough to keep you busy, the game play is fun and straightforward enough to be entertaining and fun for any players, regardless of skill and age. These are the true signs of a well-designed pinball, and we're sure after a game or two, you'll agree!

Overall, it's no wonder why this game is such a classic. With so many fun things to do on the game, it will surely keep you entertained and always coming back for more!

Game Condition:

This particular Cirqus Voltaire machine is in about as close to brand new condition as we could possibly hope for, for a commercially used game. Probably the only chance of finding one in better condition would be to find a "home use only" game (good luck!) or a still-new-in-box game (double good luck!)

This game was used in only one commercial location for just over two years and was only moved once. Since then it has spent it's time in a private collector's lineup. This game has always been in a non-smoking, no-food-or-drink area so it was never exposed to the problems and damage from cigarette smoke or spilled food/beverage. So it is exceptionally clean inside and out, and smells clean, too! It received far below-average use in the limited time it was operated, so it has been preserved far better than most other Cirqus Voltaire games out there.

Here is a detailed list of work that has been done on this game, followed by more details on condition:
Cabinet and backbox on this game look fantastic. Game has had only a very small number of tiny nicks on the cabinet from normal use over the years, which were touched up well and have made the game look like new again.

A tiny bit of cabinet artwork wrinkling/wear (common on these games) is present under some of the edges of some of the legs, but this is not visible with the legs and cabinet protector pads installed.

There is no fading of the cabinet artwork colors on this game. The bright, vibrant colors on the cabinet and backbox are commonly faded on most Cirqus Voltaire games. This game shows no signs of color fading- looks just like new.

Playfield is in overall excellent shape and appears to have had far below-average use. There is no wear on this playfield, as can be common on many Cirqus Voltaire games. One tiny chip in the clearcoat finish is present to the left of the upper "Volt" rollover button- this is not wear, but what appears to be a blemish from the factory- no playfield artwork has been damaged, and it's hardly noticeable- just a tiny spot in the clear ring around the Volt rollover button.

Main ramp on playfield is in excellent shape- no cracks or breaks at either of the ramp ends.

Playfield flat screened (artwork) plastics are all in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. Slingshot plastics, Skill Shot plastic, and large plastic behind Ringmaster are all brand new- replaced with brand new factory original (not reproduction) pieces!

Backglass artwork is in excellent condition with no damage and no wear or dirt from the "cannon" ball in the backglass. Looks like new, inside and out.

Partial List of New Parts on This Game: ("NOS" means New Old Stock- a part that is original, new, never used).
  • NOS Slingshot bumper plastics.
  • NOS Skill Shot plastic.
  • NOS Ringmaster plastic.
  • NOS Upgrade Kit Assembly #A-22270 (details above)
  • NOS original Williams flipper coils installed.
  • NOS flipper rebuild kit- including flipper assembly parts, and associated hardware.
  • NOS flipper buttons.
  • Brand new leg levelers and nuts.
  • New set of leg protector pads to protect cabinet corners.
  • Brand new sheet of tempered safety glass over playfield.
  • Brand new full set of rubber rings.
  • Brand new light bulbs, and shiny new balls.
  • Brand new "Spell WOW" decal on top of Ringmaster assembly.
  • New remote-mount battery kit with quick-disconnect connector installed.
  • New long-life batteries installed in backbox for memory-retention.
  • New price and instruction cards- hard-laminated for great looks and protection.
  • Chart in bottom of main cabinet hard-laminated for protection.
  • New plunger barrel spring.
Custom Modifications:
  • This machine has had it's software upgraded to the latest home game ROM revision L2.00H
  • Protective fender washers added under slingshot plastics to protect against damage.
  • Protective fender washer added on post next to Skill Shot target to prevent damage to delicate plastic over it.
  • Custom-made protective wireform added around front perimiter of brand new Skill Shot plastic to prevent damage from airborne balls (common problem on Cirqus Voltaire games).
  • "Cannon" kicker in backbox modified and upgraded to strengthen mounting for the kicker coil. Prevents damage and stress cracks to the fragile plastic backbox insert.
  • Remote-mount battery holder for MPU board added in backbox. Includes quick-disconnect for easy MPU board removal from the game, if ever needed.
  • Bally/Williams factory Upgrade Kit Assembly (part #A-22270) installed which adds parts to many spots on the playfield to prevent ball hang-ups and modification to the Ringmaster assembly to prevent potential damage to switches on the assembly.
  • Score and instruction cards on playfield have been laminated to prevent damage to them.
  • Technical chart in bottom of main cabinet has been removed, reproduced, laminated, and reinstalled for a fresh appearance that is protected against dirt, wear, and tear. As you may know, most of these charts have been soiled, torn, or even removed from most games- this one is present and now in better-than-new condition!

Game Images:

(Click to enlarge)
Overall view- fully restored!
Playfield being reassembled after full tear-down and cleaning/polishing.
Nearly fully assembled.
A little thanks from the creators! You'll only see this if your Cirqus Voltaire game has been properly stripped down and cleaned!
Under-playfield. Note cleaned/polished ramps and fully cleaned and rebuilt Ringmaster unit.
Under-playfield. Fully cleaned and reassembled, including rebuilt flippers, slingshots, pop bumpers, and all other assemblies and parts!
Playfield detail.
Closeup of Ringmaster area. Note brand new decal on top of Ringmaster.
Closeup of "Boom Balloon" disappearing pop bumper! Fully rebuilt with new parts and modified to work better than new!
Detail- brand new plastic piece over Skill Shot target. This plastic is usually broken on every Cirqus Voltaire game, and can be very hard to find as a new replacement. We've replaced it, and modified it by adding a protective wireform around the front edge of the whole plastic! (Indicated by green arrows in image to the left.) This prevents damage to the valuable plastic from airborne balls.
Detail- lower left slingshot bumper. Both slingshot plastics have been replaced with brand new factory original pieces!

(Click to enlarge)
Overall view.
Right side.
Left side.
Front, and coin door.
Cabinet interior- fully cleaned and restored. Note chart in bottom of cabinet- custom hard-laminated to prevent damage and/or stains!

Overall view- front and right sides.
Left side.
Front- backglass.
... and fully assembled, ready to go back in game!

Like all pinballs we sell, this machine also comes complete with fully functional coin door & mechanisms with all parts present and working, and game manual and schematics (wiring diagrams) for this game.

For our local customers, this game also includes
delivery, setup, and a full warranty on parts and labor, at no additional charge. For out-of-town customers, we offer our Limited Warranty.

For more details on our work on this particular game, see our restoration information page.

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