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Monster Bash

  • Price: - SOLD -
  • # of Players: 1 to 4
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Date Produced: July, 1998
  • Units Produced: 3,361 units
  • Concept/Design: George Gomez
  • Art: Kevin O'Connor
  • Animation:Adam Rhine
  • Mechanics: Chris Shipman, Robert Friesl
  • Sound/Music: Vince Pontarelli
  • Software: Lyman Sheats Jr.

TRIVIA: Monster Bash was the second-to-last "standard" pinball game produced by Williams before they went to the Pinball 2000 system, and is considered one of the best collectible games of Williams' "Golden Era" before Pinball 2000 and the resulting demise of their pinball division.

Page Contents:

Monster Bash features the DCS high-definition Digital Sound System.

Game Video:

See and hear this game in action!

Click the play button on the video at the right to see and hear a sample of this game being played!

See the Images section below for detailed images of this game.

Game Description:

We're proud to offer another classic Monster Bash pinball machine! This game is one of our top 3 most most frequently-requested games of all time, requested by many pinball enthusiasts, collectors, and families alike. We aren't able to get Monster Bash pinball machines in very often, due to their limited availability, and scarceity of finding one in good or better condition (most are very badly worn out), so this is truly a rare opportunity to acquire one from us that's in great shape and that has had our high-end "Collector Condition" restoration done throughout, including several upgrades and modifications done to it to make it look, work, and play as good or better than brand new! Truly a landmark game from Williams Pinball, and a landmark game for any high-end collector's lineup.

Monster Bash features the Universal Monsters™ including the Creature From the Black Lagoon, Bride of Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Werewolf, and Dracula. Collect each of the monsters by starting each monster's "feature" on the playfield. Collect all six monsters and their features to light the "Monster Bash" mode and Monsters of Rock- the game's crazy "wizard mode" featuring wild 4-ball Multiball play- not for the faint of heart!

Watch the REAL WORKING Frankenstein monster come to life- raising his arms and rising up from the laboratory table to block balls and fend off your shots! Shoot the "Frank" ramp to start another fun Multiball mode!

Spell D-R-A-C-U-L-A to wake Dracula from his coffin and watch as he swings out onto the playfield to block your shots. Can you hit him before he moves and send him back to sleep?

Watch the game take over play for you with the Phantom Flip feature! A feature found on no other game! When lit, balls rolling through the return lanes and back to the flippers will be automatically flipped by the game itself!

Monster Bash features the DCS high-definition Digital Sound System. It's the pinball soundscape that eclipses everything that has come before! No other arcade or home game sound system can play back music, speech, and sound effects like Williams' DCS (Digital Compression System). This 4-track digital playback system now, for the first time, brings symphonic sound to the world of pinball! Monster Bash combines fantastic background music including an original theme for the pinball game, and lots of fun voice clips from the Monsters themselves to entertain, and guide you, through your Monster pinball adventure!

This game is one of the most beautiful, fun, and challenging games ever designed by Williams Pinball, and even though the multitude of rules and modes on this game will be more than enough to keep you busy, the game play is fun and straightforward enough to be entertaining and fun for any players, regardless of skill and age. These are the true signs of a well-designed pinball, and we're sure after a game or two, you'll agree!

Game Condition Details:

NOTE: A large amount of detail/information is given below on the condition of this game, in regard to it's higher collectible value, and often-common multiple inquiries that we typically receive regarding intricate detail on "high end" popular games such as this one. We apologize in advance for the "extra reading" but want to convey as accurate a depiction of the game's details as possible for those discriminating customers who cannot visit our shop to see/play this game in person before buying. If you have any questions or require any additional information or pictures, just
e-mail us.

Over 40 hours have been invested in the detailed restoration of this legendary classic Williams pinball game. It easily meets our criteria for a "Collector Condition" rating, which is our top rating for a used, reconditioned, restored game.

This particular game was purchased brand new by it's one-and-only previous owner, and was used exclusively in home use only, having been very lightly used over the years, and consequently very well preserved in overall condition. This game has never been in a bar, arcade, bowling alley, or other commercial location, and has a "virgin" appearance throughout- looking and playing like it just came from the factory!

This game even has the original "spare parts" bags still stapled inside the main cabinet- just behind the coin box. These are original and unopened- as installed at the factory- and include spare parts items like cables, miscellaneous hardware parts, and even a plastic Monster Bash keychain fob plastic!

Original coin door security bar is present, along with original game manual, WPC-95 Schematics Manual, factory paperwork, and even factory manual envelope. All are included with the game.

While the original condition of this game has been remarkably preserved from it's home-use-only operation, and low use, we have still done an extensive reconditioning to make sure every part on the game is as "like new" in condition and operation, in order to bring our customers the best in quality, as they have come to expect of us over the years.

Cabinet and Backbox: The exterior on this game is in outstanding condition including original cabinet artwork decals in excellent shape with no color fading, wear/tear, or damage as most commercially-used machines typically have. Coin door is original and unrestored- still looking like it did when it came from the factory. Backbox interior, circuit boards, and score display are all original and have a factory-new 'virgin' appearance, with no signs of any parts having ever been removed or worked on. Main cabinet interior is equally impressive- very clean and fresh-appearing, just like when it rolled off the factory assembly line. Even the original paper "tech chart" is still stapled in the cabinet bottom and undamaged, and original spare parts bags are still unopened and stapled in place behind the coin box, just the way they came from the factory. Original coin door security bar is present and included, as are all of the original manuals and paperwork that came with the game (including the original factory manual envelope).

Game ROM chip on the MPU board has been upgraded to the latest 1.06B version which has many new features and upgrades from the original factory software release. All fuses on all boards have been inspected to ensure proper types and values for proper operation and protection of the game's electronics.

Legs and leg bolts are original to this game and still in factory-new condition. We installed some new leg levelers on the legs as the originals had some scrapes on the bottom from being moved/set on a concrete or stone floor. New leg protector pads have been installed behind the legs to help protect the cabinet finish against wear/tear from the metal legs- a nice finishing touch to this high-end restoration.

Backglass on this game (mylar translite behind clear tempered glass) is original and in mint condition showing no flaws or blemishes. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. Translite, translite housing, backglass (glass in front of translite) and black plastic trim/molding pieces around the edge have all been disassembled and fully cleaned as part of the restoration. New light bulbs have been installed to replace any burned-out bulbs.

Playfield on this game is in superb condition from top to bottom, showing very few, if any, signs of previous use, and shows no "wear spots" in the artwork finish that many popular used games often show- very well preserved from top to bottom. Playfield has been stripped of all parts- right down to the bare "wood and paint", cleaned, polished, buffed, waxed, and detailed, to restore it's finish. One small spot on the left edge of the kick-out scoop was starting to show some wear (common on Monster Bash games) and we installed a brand new "Cliffy" stainless steel protector around the scoop hole to provide great looks and protection against wear in the future.

Openings around holes used for light bulbs, switches, and other mechanisms, were all cleaned up to remove any small buildup of dust/dirt (most had none) and these once again show a natural clean wood finish- just like when the game was brand new. No hidden dust and dirt on this playfield- every square inch was fully inspected, cleaned, and restored.

All of the artwork plastics on the playfield on this game are original and in excellent condition with no cracks, breaks, or unsightly wear spots or other damage. All plastics on the playfield have been cleaned- top and bottom sides- and installed and secured with brand new nylock nuts to restore an original "day one" factory look.

All mechanisms on the playfield (including gadgets, kickers, bumpers, flippers, and more) have all been removed, painstakingly overhauled and reconditioned/restored to new condition, reinstalled and adjusted for proper functionality, good looks, and reliable operation.

Here is a detailed list of work that has been done on this game, followed by more details on parts and game modifications:
  • We have invested just over 60 hours of work in the restoration of this game.
  • Playfield top and bottom surfaces stripped of parts and assemblies for proper cleaning and rebuilding- right down to the bare surfaces.
  • Playfield surface has been fully cleaned and polished/waxed to restore like-new look, shine, and feel.
  • All playfield parts & assemblies have been removed and hand cleaned, or replaced with brand new parts where necessary. This includes light bulbs, posts, wireform ball guides, flipper assemblies, pop bumpers, slingshot bumper assemblies, ramps, ball trough and associated parts, and any other parts that are installed on the playfield- top and bottom sides.
  • All metal parts removed from playfield have been hand cleaned and polished to remove unsightly ball marks and restore original bright shiny finish, including refinishing of stainless steel ball guides using our own proprietary in-house metal restoration process.
  • Metal posts polished/shined including hex posts and standoff posts used throughout playfield.
  • All ramps have been completely removed and fully disassembled into all of their individual parts, including having wiring harnesses and switches/plugs removed for proper cleaning. Ramps cleaned, polished, and all associated hardware and accessory parts cleaned or replaced, and reassembled.
  • All light bulb inserts (or "lenses") in playfield surface cleaned and polished for maximum shine and light penetration.
  • Fender washers installed under top and bottom edges of slingshot bumper plastics to protect them from cracking/breaking from airborne balls.
  • Standup targets on playfield have been removed from game and fully cleaned- front and back. New foam rubber backing installed on all targets.
  • Both slingshot bumper assemblies have had their detector switches removed and hand-cleaned with tarnish remover, and polished to restore finish.
  • All playfield plastic posts removed and cleaned by hand with detergent and brush to remove any wax, dirt, grime, or leftover cleaner.
  • Playfield plastics all removed, cleaned, and re-installed using new nylock nuts.
  • All three pop bumper assemblies removed from playfield, disassembled, cleaned, fitted with new parts where necessary, and reassembled/reinstalled. Switches cleaned and adjusted for proper operation.
  • Both flipper assemblies have been removed, torn down, cleaned, and rebuilt with brand new rebuild kits to restore new operation and performance. New parts installed where necessary include coil stops, coil plungers, nylon plunger sleeves, plunger links and roll pins, springs, EOS switches, screws, and nylon flipper bushings. Flippers tuned and adjusted for optimum performance. They once again work like new!
  • Frankenstein and Dracula assemblies fully removed and broken down in to each individual component and cleaned, refurbished, rebuilt, and reinstalled 100%.
  • Brand new chrome steel pinballs installed in game (game uses 4 balls total).
  • Brand new nuts/screws installed throughout playfield for plastics, rails, assemblies, etc. to restore new appearance.
  • New pop bumper bodies installed on all 3 pop bumpers.
  • New pop bumper cap screws for bumper caps.
  • New ramp entrance flap screws installed on all ramp entrances that use them.
  • New playfield rubber ring kit installed.
  • All light bulbs on top and bottom of playfield, and elsewhere in game, removed, cleaned, and replaced. Brand new light bulbs used as replacements for old worn, discolored, or burned out bulbs and flasher bulbs.
  • New coil sleeves installed in coil devices (flippers, kickers, bumpers, etc.) to restore like-new operation and add reliability.
  • Playfield glass replaced with brand new scratch-free sheet of tempered safety glass.
  • New heavy-duty leg levelers with locking nuts.
  • New leg protector pad set installed to protect cabinet from scuffs/scratches from leg mounting.
  • Playfield glass lockdown bar cleaned and refinished to restore original look.
  • Backglass removed and glass cleaned (both sides). Edge molding pieces cleaned and reassembled.
  • New remote-mount battery kit installed for MPU board, with quick-disconnect plug. Remote kit prevents damage to the valuable MPU board from accidental battery discharge or leakage, which can destroy the board. Batteries are now mounted off-board and risk of damage is eliminated.
  • All electronics (PC boards) in backbox checked and tested for proper operation and good looks (no burned connectors, etc.) Fuses all removed, checked, and proper values verified- replaced where necessary.
  • "Drac Trac" upgraded using factory metal add-on bracket which strengthens the playfield on either side of the slot used for the Dracula mechanism.

Custom Modifications:
  • Custom "Cliffy" stainless steel protector installed on kickout scoop hole edges to prevent wear.
  • "Drac Trac" upgrade bracket installed which strengthens playfield on either side of the slot used by the Dracula mechanism.
  • Protective fender washers installed under edges of slingshot plastics for added protection.
  • Remote-mount battery kit with quick-disconnect for MPU board installed in backbox.
  • New 1.06B Game ROM Chip installed with new features and upgrades.

Game Images:

Note regarding digital images: Any digital image viewed on a computer screen will typically make the object you're viewing look a bit better than it actually does in person. Please consider this when viewing any image on our site, or anywhere else on the internet. Let us know if you have any questions regarding any images on our site, or if you would like to see any additional images, or any close-up images, of the game featured below. We would be happy to provide them to you!

(Click for larger view)
Playfield overall view.
Detail- lower playfield closeup with flippers, slingshot bumpers.
Detail- lower playfield area, score card holder, flippers.
Detail- lower playfield area- flippers, slingshot bumpers area. Slingshot bumpers have protective fender washers installed under top and bottom edges to protect against damage from airborne pinballs. And are completed with brand new shiny nylock nuts to keep them in place.
Detail- shot across lower section of playfield to the right side.
Detail- shot over the left side of playfield- Creature From the Black Lagoon lane and saucer. Can you make out the 3D "Creature" monster under the green plexi? (He lights up during game play.)
Detail- 'Drac Trac', scoop, and right ramp entrance area.
Detail- Drac coffin with Drac housed inside- ready to spring out!
Detail- Frankenstein assembly and left ramp area.
Detail- upper right corner of playfield including right ramp and pop bumpers area.
Detail- center of playfield- Frankenstein targets and lights.
Closeup of playfield center- spinner lane, exit from pop bumpers area, and kickout scoop. All 3 pop bumpers have been fully rebuilt during restoration- all parts removed, cleaned, replaced with new where necessary, reassembled, reinstalled, and adjusted for maxmimum performance. Bumpers include new orange skirts, white bodies, nylon coil sleeves, and more.
Closeup of upper left corner- Bride of Frankenstein and ramps area.
Upper right corner- The Mummy coffin (opens during play!), pop bumpers, and top rollover lanes area.
Under-playfield view- lower playfield area. All parts and assemblies have been removed from the bottom side of the playfield for overhaul as part of the reconditioning work. Note freshly-rebuilt flippers. These, and all other mechanisms under the playfield, have been removed and fully cleaned/overhauled/rebuilt and reinstalled as part of the detailed restoration on this classic game.
Under-playfield view- upper playfield area. All lamp, motor-control, and opto driver PC boards mounted under the playfield have been removed and fully cleaned (top and bottom sides). All light bulbs and light bulb "inserts" (lenses) in the playfield have been cleaned, and burned out lamps replaced with new.

Note the cleanliness of the white nylon gears on both the motorized assemblies (for Frank target bank and Frank himself). These parts are all in original condition and preserved like new from limited home-use-only operation. All look/work just like they did when the game rolled off the factory assembly line!
Under-playfield close-up of "Drac Trac bracket" installed during restoration. This was a factory Service Bulletin add-on/upgrade which, when installed, helps strengthen the playfield on either side of the 'Drac Trac' and helps keep either side of the playfield around the Trac from getting uneven, bending, or cracking from stress.

(Click for larger view)
Overall view.

Main cabinet- right side. Main cabinet artwork decals are original to this home-use-only game, and in excellent condition with no color fading or other damage from use/handling, as is commonly-seen on games that have been in arcades, bars, etc. Very well-preserved.

Some wrinkling and wear/tear of the artwork decals is present underneath the legs on this previously-used game, where the legs mount on the corners- this is common on games that had artwork decals installed at the factory, rather than direct silkscreened artwork. Pressure from, and movement of the legs, from normal use and vibration, will cause some wrinkling around and under the legs when they are mounted on the game.

Even though these areas aren't seen when the legs and leg protector pads are installed, we have smoothed out wrinkles and touched up wear/tear under the leg mounting areas to make these areas less conspicuous. Again, they aren't visible when the legs and leg pads are installed. Click to view pictures of repaired under-leg areas: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4

NOTE: Some wrinkles WILL RETURN around the edges of the legs on this game over time. This is normal for games that had artwork decals installed rather than direct silkscreen cabinet artwork (Monster Bash and Cactus Canyon originally had cabinet artwork decals installed at the factory.) Other games that have had aftermarket decals installed will also exhibit this trait.

Main cabinet- left side.
Front of main cabinet, coin door. Coin door is fully original from factory- unrestored- still in like-new condition. One small nick on the cabinet artwork was touched up above the black carriage bolt near upper left corner of front panel. Original factory security bar is included with game (not installed in this pic).
Backbox- left side.
Backbox- right side.
Rear of game. All original 'virgin' condition from factory with no damage or wear/tear.
Backbox interior. All circuit boards in this game are original and in great condition- no signs that they have ever even been removed since installed at the factory, and no signs of any repairs or other handling, use, or damage.

Game ROM software has been upgraded to the latest 1.06B release, which features many additional features and changes from the original factory release. Note the remote-mount battery kit for the MPU board memory backup- batteries are safely located off-board to prevent corrosion damage to the board should they go neglected and leak. And much easier to change- battery kit uses 3 "AA" batteries. We recommend changing every 2 years, with power on to avoid loss of memory (high scores, adjustment settings, etc.)

Dot matrix score display is in excellent condition- crisp and bright- and has no signs of burn-in or missing dots/lines. Fully tested and 100% functional.
Cabinet interior view. Aside from a light cleaning-out, cabinet interior is in fully original and still in 'factory new' condition, including the original unscathed "tech chart" stapled to cabinet bottom.

Note also the original 'spare parts bags' still stapled to the cabinet behind the coin box- unopened. These contain plug-in service cord, cable for optional bill validator, and spare parts bag that even includes original Monster Bash key fob plastic! Spare general parts bag is also included (not pictured- contains spare light bulbs, allen wrench, parts list, etc.) General parts bag has been opened but most if not all contents appear to still be there.

Coin box and metal lid are factory original. Original owner occasionally ran quarters through the game, so some nearly-undetectable signs of coins having been used may still be present upon close inspection.

Note original 'virgin' condition of front latch bar and other components- all original and unrestored. Game looks like it just came from the factory.
Close-up of original 'spare parts' bags- still stapled in place and unopened- just like when the game left the factory! Spare general parts bag is seen at right on top of coin box.
Cabinet interior- side view showing tilt mechanisms, coin box, wiring, etc.
All original paperwork included with game- WPC-95 schematics manual, game operating manual, factory envelope, and more. All in mint condition- manuals look like they've never even been opened.

Like all pinballs we sell, this machine also comes complete with fully functional coin door & mechanisms with all parts present and working, and game manual and schematics (wiring diagrams) for this game.

For our local customers, this game also includes
delivery, setup, and a full warranty on parts and labor, at no additional charge. For out-of-town customers, we offer our Limited Warranty.

For more details on our work on this particular game, see our restoration information page.

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