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Another Signature Series pinball restoration. Only by Action Pinball.


  • Price: - SOLD -
  • # of Players: 1 to 4
  • Manufacturer: Williams
  • Date Produced: October, 1986
  • Units Produced: 12,001 units
  • Design: Barry Oursler, Python Anghelo
  • Art: Python Anghelo

Page Contents:

Game Video:

See and hear this game in action!

Click the play button on the video at the right to see and hear a sample of this game being played!

See the Images section below for detailed images of this game.

Game Description:

NOTE: A large amount of detail/information is given below on the condition of this game, in regard to it's higher collectible value, and often-common multiple inquiries that we typically receive regarding intricate detail on "high end" popular games such as this one. We apologize in advance for the "extra reading" but want to convey as accurate a depiction of the game's details as possible for those discriminating customers who cannot visit our shop to see/play this game in person before buying. If you have any questions or require any additional information or pictures, just
e-mail us.

PinBot was produced by Williams during the "comeback of pinball" during the mid-to-late 1980's and was one of the first games to offer a playfield packed full of gadgets and fun that really made it a bargain in the arcades at 25¢ a play! This game's popularity spawned two sequels- The Machine: Bride of PinBot in the early 1990's, and JackBot in the late 1990's.

This game packs a tremendous amount of pinball gadgetry and features in it's playfield, which not only made it popular in the arcades, but makes it very desirable in the collector and enthusiast markets of today. At the start of play, the ball is shot up a "corkscrew" skill-shot ramp where the player can be awarded 5,000 to 100,000 points depending on where the ball stops on the ramp. Three lively pop bumpers keep the action going on the upper right side of the playfield. These are situated underneath an upper see-through "mini" playfield that the ball can get to by shooting the left ramp. The ball has four exits from the upper playfield- left to the main playfield, down to the pop bumpers, to the right flipper, or down to the ball shooter for a free shot at the corkscrew ramp!

The main object in PinBot is to get both balls locked and start Multiball play. To do this, all of the lights on the center panel must be lit by hitting strategic targets at the top and side of the panel. Or, if you're a skilled player, make the flashing target on your first shot to instantly complete the light panel!

Once the light panel is completed, the top 5-bank of targets lowers itself down into the playfield, and the PinBot 'visor' above the targets raises up. This allows access to the two ball lock saucers- PinBot's "eyes". Lock both balls to give PinBot sight, hear him say, "I SEE YOU!", and then start fast, exciting Multiball play with double scoring!

The left ramp which leads to the upper mini playfield is an elevating ramp that goes up/down with play. When down, hit the flashing drop target on the left side of the playfield to raise the ramp for a brief interval. Shoot under it to collect "Energy Value" which is built up by the pop bumpers on the other side of the playfield.

Make your way with PinBot through the galaxy by advancing from planet to planet! The game selects a destination planet for you at the start of the game (lit on the center of the playfield). Making the 3 drop targets, or hitting the right bullseye target when lit advances the planets. Make the destination planet for a 'special' (free game or extra ball). Completing all the planets advances you to the sun, and lights right bullseye for additional special!

Making the left ramp advances the "Solar Value" which is a progressive score award that is carried over from player to player, and game to game. Collect anything from 100,000 to 5,000,000 points with the Solar Value carryover feature!

Make the upper left eject pocket from the right flipper for point awards and to collect extra ball.

All of this exciting game play is backed up with exciting "light shows", flashers, and great colorful playfield and backglass artwork. And this game features fantastic music, sound effects, and speech to go along with play. With all the fun and features that this game packs, you can see why it was so extremely popular in the arcades!

Most PinBot games were played so heavily that they literally wore out, and it can be very difficult to find one that has survived at all well after all the years. The popularity of the game, and with so few surviving well to today, has made this game very collectible among pinball enthusiasts and collectors alike, and one of the most popular classic games for any home gameroom or collector's lineup.

Game Condition Details:

Over 120 hours have been invested in the excruciatingly-detailed restoration of this legendary classic Williams pinball game. It easily meets our criteria for a "Collector Condition" rating, which is our top rating for a used, reconditioned, restored game.

Cabinet and Backbox: The entire interior and exterior of this game have been fully restored including a complete cabinet repaint in original factory colors and artwork design. The cabinet and backbox were fully disassembled, stripped to the bare wood, repaired/refinished, and repainted using custom hand-made stencils and paint colors painstakingly matched to the original, unfaded factory colors. No quick or easy task, the extremely detailed paint and art work on this game took many months to fully reproduce from start to finish- a very demanding cabinet restoration with a great deal of time and effort focused on every minor detail. All exterior cabinet hardware/trim has either been replaced with new, or restored to like-new condition and reassembled.

Wiring harnesses for the backbox and main cabinet were all fully disconnected and painstakingly cleaned to remove any dust, grime, and debris that had accumulated through use over the years. After cleaning, these cables and harnesses looked brand new again! All were re-installed in the original factory layout and reconnected to the necessary components.

Coin door assembly on the front of the game was also painstakingly disassembled and fully restored, being sanded down and refinished and repainted with the original style textured black enamel paint. The restored door features original coin acceptor mechanisms and is fully functional- game can be operated by coins or run on "free play". A new coin box and metal lid have also been installed inside the front door of the game.

Legs on this game are new reproduction Williams "System 11" legs with the correct finish and bead that runs partially down the exterior of the legs. Legs also have brand new
leg protector pads installed to help prevent wear/tear/scuffs on the cabinet exterior from the leg mounting. Leg bolts are brand new and the original style with the correct acorn head. Legs also feature brand new heavy-duty leg levelers and lock nuts.

A brand new scratch-free sheet of playfield glass has been installed (tempered safety glass) and the lockdown bar that holds the glass in place has been restored and features a new foam rubber seal to keep out debris.

All circuit boards inside the backbox have been overhauled, upgraded, inspected, and tested for proper operation and good looks. The original MPU board is still in place and in excellent condition with no signs of past repair work or "hack" repairs. A brand new remote-mount memory backup battery pack has been installed for the MPU board, and the game software has been updated to the latest L-5 revision. The power supply board has had a brand new power rectifier and filter capacitor installed for better reliabilty and smoother power output. All boards have had solder reflowed on connector pins to ensure that no intermittent connections are present. No burned connectors are present on any of the circuit boards, and all connector pins have been coated with DeoxIT anti-oxidation compound to provide better connections, increase reliability, and lubricate pins for extended life of boards and connector pins/housings. All original boards used in this game are in excellent condition, showing no signs of past damage or past poor repair work.

The five original score display units on the backbox insert panel have all been replaced with brand new modern LED score display units which are more reliable and will outlast original gas tube type displays which are now obsolete. These new LED units look as good or better than originals, and feature a "dimmer" control to adjust the brightness of the displays to your own liking. The new LED displays in this game also include a new display driver board mounted on the back of the insert panel, and all displays and the driver board operate on low voltage, elminiating the need for the dangerous original high voltage display power. This makes for a better-looking, safer, and more reliable pinball machine.

A new original style ball shooter assembly has been installed on this game along with chrome external spring, and all internal parts rebuilt or replaced as well.

"Light bar" on the top of the backbox is an original part and is in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. All lights underneath it have been replaced and are fully working. A few small superficial scuffs are present on the back side of the light bar from use/handling in previous years, but are not visible from the front and don't detract from the look or functionality of the bar. Truly a rare case to find a PinBot game with the light bar still in place on it, and unbroken/undamaged like this one.

Backglass on this game is a clear sheet of glass which features a mylar translite behind it. Translite is original and in near-mint condition (see images below)- absolutely gorgeous in this remarkable game. Glass and translite have been carefully and fully cleaned an reassembled along with new backglass plastic trim on the edges.

Playfield on this game is a brand new, and extremely rare, factory-original NOS playfield- not an aftermarket reproduction. We acquired this playfield from a private pinball collector some 12-15 years ago, and saved it for a restoration of this caliber. The playfield was clearcoated for added shine and protection using automotive grade materials- not the cheap "brush on" stuff that many hobbiests buy at hardware stores. It has a gorgeous, shiny, "wet" look to it, and looks like it just came off the factory assembly line! This playfield was not "drilled" or "dimpled" when we acquired it, which means it had no screw/post holes marked or drilled on it from the factory. 10 hours alone were required to properly mark and carefully drill the playfield before we could begin to install any hardware/parts on it.

A few very minor blemishes are present on some of the "inserts" or "light lenses" on the playfield surface, which look like they were possibly part of the manufacturing process (see images below). Some had what looked like a few tiny "flat air bubbles" in/on them which appear to be part of the original silkscreened artwork and factory coating. These are very minor and don't deter from the overall look of the playfield, nor do they interfere with the finish or the game play, but are mentioned here simply for accuracy.

The playfield features scores of brand new parts- both aftermarket reproduction and NOS original. A brand new reproduction "corkscrew" ramp was installed in the upper right corner (skill shot) along with new ramp decals. The ramp was mildly modified to allow a smooth transition for the ball from playfield on to ramp, which eliminates "jumping", rattling, and other problems that are frequently seen with the corkscrew ramp on PinBot games. The ball glides seamlessly up the ramp on this game without any trouble.

We also acquired and installed a brand new officially-licenced reproduction set of playfield plastics (light shields) to replace the worn, warped, yellowed, and faded originals. New white nylon cap nuts have been installed to secure the plastics and give a "day one" new look. Flasher domes and brackets have been attached to new plastic pieces with correct factory-style rivets, courtesy of our Riveting Service which retains factory-original style parts and look!

A brand new see-through upper "mini" playfield was also installed on this game. Original red mini posts were installed on the new playfield, along with new flat plastics, and the playfield screw holes underneath were counter-sunk to accomodate flat-head screws where required, which keeps them from hitting and scratching up the pop bumper caps underneath.

We also spent a considerable amount of time and effort to raise the mini playfield up about 1/8" over the original mounting position. This gets the underside of the playfield surface up and off of the pop bumper caps directly below it, and eliminates the common problem of artwork wearing off the bottom of the mini playfield from rubbing on the bumper caps (frequently-seen damage on most all original PinBot games). We fabricated some special "studs" and locknuts for mounting the playfield in place, making it sit high enough not to get damaged, but still making it easy to remove/reinstall when performing maintenance/repair in the future.

The PinBot "visor" over the 5-bank elevating targets at top/center of playfield is an original part and is in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. Replacements for this part are no longer available, so we were lucky to have an unscathed original to restore and re-install on this game.

The large molded cover plastic with decal on it that sits over the visor and the blue ramp above it (top center of playfield) is also an original part- no cracks or breaks or damage to the decal, plastic, or metal bracket riveted to its underside. We wanted to replace this part as the original decal on it has some small air bubbles underneath it, and the plastic has a few slight warped areas, but parts for this unit are discontinued and no longer available new. So this part was cleaned up and retained, and should continue to look great and function properly for years to come, but condition details are mentioned here for accuracy.

The elevating 5-bank targets in front of the visor are all brand new- a complete NOS new assembly that we acquired in the late 1990's and saved for a high-caliber restoration such as this one. These are no longer available- discontinued/obsolete. So the targets, target backing, slider bracket, and wiring/hardware on this unit are all factory-original and in new condition- something you'll never see on another PinBot game, and a nice finishing touch to this high-end restoration.

All standup targets have been replaced with new parts where available- the only target we could not acquire for replacement was the round blue translucent target on the right 5-bank. Original was restored and re-installed and looks great next to the new targets- looks and works as good as new.

Drop target bank has been completely and thoroughly reconditioned, restored, and rebuilt, including a brand new target reset bracket to raise the targets up. These look and work great!

Flipper assemblies have been completely replaced on this game with brand new modern units, making maintenance, adjustment, and parts replacement much easier than with old obsolete original parts. Fully assembled with brand new parts, including new plungers, springs, cranks, switches, coil stops, coil sleeves, bushings, wiring, and hardware. They once again are strong, crisp, and look/play just like brand new! Brand new white Williams flipper bats (complete with "W" logo) have been installed to retain original look on the top side of the playfield.

And of course all incidental parts along the way have been reconditioned and/or replaced, including new rubber ring kit, light bulbs, nuts, screws, cap nuts, and other hardware.

All under-playfield hardware and assemblies have been restored as well, including all coil mechanisms removed, disassembled, cleaned, rebuilt/reconditioned, and new coil sleeves installed. Target bank motor assembly and all under-playfield circuit boards have been cleaned and overhauled to look and work like new. Entire playfield wiring harness was removed and fully cleaned- every single wire. All wire connections to parts under playfield were re-done with twisted splice ends for added reliability and professionally soldered for good reliable connections.

All lamp socket staple-down wiring is brand new and routed in exact factory pattern- this is the first process in the parts installation on the new blank playfield.

All three pop bumpers were fully rebuilt and restored and feature brand new white plastic bodies, blue skirts, and red translucent caps. New lamp sockets are installed with new mounting hardware.

New score and instruction cards adorn the lower playfield card holder (or "apron").

Here is a detailed list of work that has been done on this game, followed by more details on parts and game modifications:
  • We have invested just over 120 hours of work in the restoration of this game.
  • Cabinet and backbox fully restored and repainted including original factory colors and artwork design.
  • Cabinet and backbox hardware restored/replaced as required, including all bolts, twist nails, and other interior/exterior cabinet hardware.
  • New white nylon cabinet gliders installed on back of main cabinet.
  • All wiring harnesses removed/cleaned/restored throughout game. These all look and feel like new again!
  • Power supply reconditioned including new power rectifier and filter capacitor for added reliability and cleaner power.
  • Coin door assembly fully restored including all parts removed, cleaned, refinished, repainted in original textured black enamel, and reassembled. Original coin mechanisms installed and adjusted for proper operation.
  • New coin door and backbox locks and keys installed.
  • New coin box and lid installed.
  • New legs installed- correct style with short "bead" on leg sides.
  • New leg protector pads installed on all four legs.
  • New leg bolts installed on all four legs.
  • New heavy-duty leg levelers installed.
  • New memory-backup battery pack installed for MPU board.
  • Upgraded ROM chips installed on MPU board to upgrade game software to latest version.
  • New LED score displays installed.
  • Solder reflowed on connector pins on all circuit boards throughout game for added strength and reliable connections. DeoxIt anti-oxidation compound applied to all circuit board connector pins for more reliable connections and lubrication- easier "on/off" of connector housings, which saves stress on circuit boards and components.
  • New black plastic trim installed on backglass side and top edges.
  • NOS playfield professionally clearcoated and installed.
  • All playfield parts individually removed, cleaned, restored or replaced with new where necessary or available, and installed on new playfield.
  • New playfield plastics set installed - licensed reproduction set.
  • New mini playfield installed.
  • New white nylon cap nuts installed to secure playfield plastics.
  • Light bar on top of backbox fully disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled, including new flasher lamps underneath.
  • Flippers replaced with brand new later-model Williams assemblies, including all new parts, flipper bat/shafts (with correct "W" logo), and new coils. New flipper button switches also installed in cabinet. Flippers adjusted for proper operation and optimum performance.
  • All metal parts removed from playfield have been hand cleaned and polished to remove unsightly ball marks and restore original bright shiny finish, including refinishing of stainless steel parts using our own proprietary in-house metal restoration process.
  • Metal posts polished/shined.
  • Both slingshot bumper assemblies have had their detector switches removed and hand-cleaned with tarnish remover, and polished to restore finish.
  • All playfield plastic posts removed and cleaned by hand with detergent and brush to remove any wax, dirt, grime, or leftover cleaner. Damaged posts replaced with new, where necessary.
  • Light bulbs cleaned/replaced throughout game, as required.
  • Ball shooter replaced with brand new unit and all brand-new parts. Adjusted and aligned for proper operation.
  • Drop target bank fully rebuilt with all mechanical parts disassembled, cleaned, restored, and reassembled. Adjusted and tested for proper operation.
  • New standup targets installed throughout playfield.
  • New 5-bank elevating target assembly installed- a factory-original NOS assembly- no longer being made or available new- a truly rare part!
  • All three pop bumpers fully rebuilt/restored including many new parts such as ring/rod units, bumper skirts, bodies, caps, and cap screws. Adjusted for proper operation.
  • New coil sleeves installed in all restored solenoid devices on playfield (flippers, bumpers, kickers, etc.)
  • New rubber ring kit installed replacing all rubber parts in the game with correct new ones.
  • New chrome steel pin balls installed.
  • New score/instruction cards installed.
  • New playfield glass installed. Brand new scratch-free tempered safety glass.
  • Glass lockdown bar and latch restored.
  • New foam-rubber seal strip installed on lockdown bar.
  • All playfield devices tested after final assembly for proper adjustment and operation.
List of New Parts on This Game:
A lot of large and small parts are typically replaced anytime a game is fully restored like this one, and this list may not reflect all of the actual parts used in the process. Shipping/freight costs for obtaining many of the parts listed below are also not be included, so would be considered additional costs invested beyond what is listed here.

NOTE: ("NOS" means "New Old Stock", and indicates a part that is of original manufacture, new (never used), and authentic (not a reproduction, look-alike, or "aftermarket" part). Most "NOS" parts are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer, and can consequently be very hard to find, or expensive if they can be found.) New Parts Total Value: $2,437.33

Custom Modifications:
  • NOS replacement playfield professionally clearcoated for added protection and shine.
  • New aftermarket LED score display set installed.
  • Heavy-duty power rectifier installed for 5-volt supply on solenoid/regulator board.
  • Heavy-duty filter capacitor installed for 5-volt supply on solenoid/regulator board.
  • Flipper assemblies replaced/upgraded with later-model 'modern' units.
  • Solder reflowed/added to connector pins on PC boards and score displays for added reliability.
  • Anti-oxidant compound added to connector pins on circuit boards and displays for improved connections and reliability.
  • New leg protector pad set installed to protect cabinet from scuffs/scratches from leg mounting.
  • New score and instruction cards hard-laminated for good looks and protection.
  • New remote-mount memory-backup battery kit installed for MPU board.
  • Upper 'mini' playfield mounting modified to allow playfield to sit approx. 1/8 inch above pop bumper caps, to prevent wearing and rubbing-off of the artwork on the underside of the mini playfield.
  • 2-pin male/female connectors added to up/down switch wiring on motorized target bank assembly to allow easy removal/installation of assembly for service/repair/adjustments.
  • Clear protective washers added under front edges of 'face' plastic under visor, at top of playfield, to protect against chips/cracks from airborne balls.

Game Images:

(Click for larger view)
Playfield overall view.
Detail- lower playfield area- score card holder (apron), flippers area.

New score and instruction cards are present on the score card holder (apron) at bottom of playfield. Playfield plastics are all brand new. Note new white nylon cap nuts installed to hold plastics in place.
Detail- lower playfield area, view from left. Flippers, return lanes, slingshot bumpers areas.

Some of the "flat bubble" imperfections that are present in a few of the light inserts on the playfield (as mentioned in detail above) can be seen here in the green "5X" and "4X" inserts in the center of playfield. Again, these are minor factory cosmetic blemishes in the finish over some inserts and do not affect the smoothness of the actual finish or the game play.
Detail- shot across lower section of playfield to the left side.

Drop target bank and elevating ramp visible here. The original orange flasher "domes" on the plastic above the drop targets are original, and were installed on the new plastic pieces using our Riveting Service so they are the original style and look of the original factory parts!
Detail- upper "mini" playfield.

The clear "see-through" upper playfield, seen here, is a brand new part, and sits just above the pop bumper area in the upper right corner of playfield, where balls come into play. In addition to being a brand new piece, this playfield is thicker than the original playfield, so will resist warping and damage much better than the original.

We have also raised the mounting position of the playfield up about 1/8 inch, to help it sit above the pop bumper caps, without touching them. This prevents the artwork on the bottom side of the playfield from becoming damaged by rubbing on the bumper caps (common problem seen on most original PinBot games).

Note also the new round standup targets to the left of the upper playfield, and the new "corkscrew" ramp at the top! All three pop bumpers have been fully restored including brand new skirts, bases, bodies, and red caps.
Detail- standup targets and lamp "matrix".

Standup targets have all been replaced with exception of the translucent blue target (discontinued- no longer available). Blue target has been cleaned and restored and looks as good as new next to the new targets.
Detail- lamp "matrix" in top/center of playfield. Hit targets above the matrix, and to the right side, to light lamps in the matrix. Once completed, the 5-bank targets above the matrix will sink down into the playfield to allow you to shoot and lock balls in the top saucers to start Multiball play!
Another view of upper playfield, corkscrew ramp, and upper blue ramp. Blue ramp (which comes from left of playfield) is an original part on this game- obsolete and no longer available new. It is in excellent condition with no cracks, breaks, or other damage. A rare case, as most are badly worn out and/or have had lots of past "repair" work to repair cracks and damage. Not so on this one- this original blue ramp still looks and works like new!
Detail- "corkscrew" ramp in upper right corner of playfield.

This red corkscrew ramp is a brand new reproduction part and includes brand new decals. We have made minor modifications to the entrance to the corkscrew ramp (at rear of ramp) to allow ball to have a smooth transition from playfield on to the ramp, which eliminates bumping, rattling, and failed shots up the ramp (common symptoms on many original PinBot games). Ball glides smoothly and quickly up this ramp on this game.

The clear cover over the corkscrew ramp with the Space Shuttle decal, is an original part on this game, and is in excellent condition with no cracks, breaks, or other damage.

The blue ramp behind the corkscrew ramp is also an original part with no cracks, breaks, or other damage. This blue ramp is hard to find in good condition on any PinBot game, as most have been worn out, broken, and badly repaired over the years on many PinBot games. Not so on this game- this one has been excellently preserved and still looks and works like new!
Detail- upper left corner of playfield.

Entrance to the upper left saucer is seen here (under blue ramp). This saucer awards points and extra ball when lit. Elevating ramp at front of blue ramp allows entrance to the blue ramp, or allows ball to go under it (when up) to collect Energy Value, which is built up by the pop bumpers on right of playfield.

Elevating target bank and visor at top of playfield. Visor (above target bank) is an original part on this game and is in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. Also an obsolete/discontinued part, so we are lucky to have on in such good condition on this game.

5-bank target assembly is a brand new factory-original NOS assembly- also discontinued and no longer available. We acquired this target bank assembly about 15 years ago and have kept it aside, waiting for just the right PinBot project to use it on!

In the upper image at left, the elevating 5-bank targets are in the upright position with visor down (closed). Complete the lights in the matrix in front of the target bank and watch the targets lower themselves down into the playfield, and the visor raise up.

Second shot shows the targets in down position, and visor raised, allowing balls to be shot into the saucers underneath. 2 balls locked in saucers starts Multiball play!
Cover plastic and decal over upper ramp and visor at top of playfield. This is a part that we wanted to replace during the restoration, but like many original PinBot parts, this one is also obsolete and discontinued- no longer being made or available new. This part is actually in good condition, and the decal on it is in great shape with no tears, cuts, or otherwise damaged spots. The decal has some small air bubbles under it that have developed over the years, and there is some slight warping in some spots of the molded plastic under the decal. However, without being able to acquire a replacement for this assembly, we have instead cleaned and reconditioned it, and reinstalled it for further service- it still looks and functions well. But it's originality and original condition is mentioned and pictured here just for accuracy.
Close-up of light inserts in center of playfield. At start of each game, a random "destination" planet is lit. Complete 3-bank drop targets or the green bullseye target on right side of playfield to advance through the planets. Arrive at the destination planet to collect a "special" (free game or extra ball), and reach The Sun to collect an additional special!
Under-playfield shot of lower playfield section- flippers area. Flippers on this game are all brand-new units and parts- replaced with later-model "modern" assemblies which are easier to maintain and get replacement/service parts for, if needed.

Note the cleanliness of the underside of the new playfield, and all of the components and wiring- every single part you see here has been removed, hand-cleaned/restored or replaced, and reassembled/adjusted as part of the detailed restoration.
Under-playfield shot of middle and upper playfield sections.
Detailed shot of pop bumpers area, under playfield.

(Click for larger view)
Overall view. Cabinet fully repainted in original colors/design. New correct legs, leg bolts, levelers. All external parts restored.
Main cabinet- left side. Stainless steel side rails on the cabinet sides are original and feature brand new chrome twist-nails for mounting to the cabinet.

Legs are brand new "correct" type for Williams System 11 games, and feature brand new leg protector pads, to keep scuffs/scratches off the cabinet, and new heavy-duty leg levelers and new leg bolts.
Main cabinet- right side.
Front of game. Coin door has been fully overhauled and restored including removal from game, full disassembly of all internal/external parts and components, cleaning/restoring, repainting in original textured black enamel paint, and reassembly. New lock/keys were installed. Plastic coin slots and lenses are original parts and have some signs of past use and wear/tear (obsolete parts), but have been cleaned and are in good condition and fully functional with no cracks or breaks.

Note also the brand new ball shooter assembly that was installed during restoration. Stainless steel lockdown bar has been restored and includes a brand new foam rubber seal strip on the underside to keep dust/debris out of the game.
Backbox- left side. "Light bar" (unique to PinBot) is original on this game and in excellent condition with no cracks or breaks. One or two minor scuffs are present on the back side from past handling, but are not visible from the front. New flasher bulbs have been installed under the bar during restoration.
Backbox- right side.
Back of game. Also repainted in original semi-gloss black like rest of game. New white nylon cabinet gliders have been installed to replace worn originals.
Main cabinet interior. All parts in cabinet have been removed during restoration, entire cabinet cleaned out, refinished, and repainted. All parts have been cleaned/reconditioned and/or replaced where necessary, and reinstalled in original layout. Game includes brand new coin box and coin box lid, and game manual with fold-out schematics/wiring-diagrams (not pictured).

Note also the restored lockdown bar latch assembly with new "Install 2 Balls" decal and refinished original brass adjustment screws.
Backbox insert panel. Insert panel is fully restored and in excellent condition. All original worn-out score displays have been replaced with new modern low-voltage LED units, which will far outlast and out-perform original style displays (now obsolete). Displays also include a brand new display driver board (mounted on back side of insert panel) which, unlike original unit, features a "dimmer" control for adjusting the brightness of the score displays!
Backbox interior. All circuit boards in the back (with exception of new display driver board and displays) are originals, and in excellent condition with no damage, burned connections, or bad past repair work. Power supply has been upgraded with heavy-duty power rectifier and filter capacitor for better, smoother, more reliable power. All fuses have been checked for correct values and proper operation. All connectors on all boards have had DeoxIt anti-oxidation/lubrication compound installed to improve connections and increase reliability. Game ROM chips have been upgraded to latest L-5 versions for "latest and greatest" available software. A new memory-backup remote-mount battery pack has been installed for the MPU board, which retains high scores and settings when power is turned off. New battery pack uses standard "AA" batteries, and makes replacement easy and fast (we recommend replacing batteries every 2 years).

Like main cabinet, backbox has been completely cleaned out and restored, and looks like new inside.

Front and back of backglass/translite. Mylar artwork translite for the backbox in this game is an original part in excellent condition- virtually mint. Translite has been removed and cleaned on both sides with anti-static cleaner. Glass has been cleaned on both sides as well. New side and top plastic moldings have been installed. Glass and translite look like new in this game.

Restoration Pictures:
(Click for larger view)
Factory-original NOS 5-bank elevating target assembly in original factory packaging- awaiting installation during playfield reassembly.
NOS playfield in the shop- assembly just starting.
Cabinet in the shop just after repainting and just starting the re-assembly process.

Like all pinballs we sell, this machine also comes complete with instruction/operation manual and schematics, and fully functional coin door. For our local customers, this game also includes a full
warranty on parts and labor, at no additional charge. For out-of-town customers, we offer our limited warranty.

Pickup is available at our shop, or for additional cost we can deliver/setup locally, or package in preparation for out-of-town shipping.

For details on purchasing, delivery, or packaging/shipping, see our Game Sales Info page.

For more details on our work, see our restoration information page.

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