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of the

  • Price: - SOLD OUT - Out of production.
  • Manufacturer: Stern
  • Date Produced: June 2006 - Mar 2009
  • # of Players: 4
  • Units Produced: 3,800 units (approximate)

Page Contents:

  1. Game Description
  2. Game Condition Details
  3. Game Images
  4. Game Sales Information

Game Description:

Pirates of the Caribbean is the latest hot release from Stern Pinball and coincides with the blockbuster summer movie release of the same title. A long time coming, this game has probably had the most rumors floating around about it for the longest time of any pin, but it is finally here in all its glory- ready to be a part of your home game room!

This game features some fantastic artwork on the cabinet and playfield- one of the best looking pins Stern has designed to-date. Playfield is designed with two flippers in the lower standard position and features a classic wide-open area over the majority of the lower portion- much like Attack From Mars and Medieval Madness of past years. A "busy" crowded upper playfield area is featured on this game, packed with lots of gadgets and wild ramp and loop shots.

Complete all the modes outlined by the compass in the center of playfield to light "Four Winds Multiball" mode! No easy task!

A ramp takes the ball from the plunger up on to an elevated plastic ramp/playfield with four exits- one "Parlay" hole that drops the ball to the lower pop bumper area, and three lower rollover lanes- one that feeds back to the plunger lane and down to the right flipper inlane. Another ramp takes balls from the upper playfield area to the left flipper inlane. And the center drops it down below the pop bumper area.

The two main eye-catching "gadgets" on this game are the moving "sinking ship" that you must hit a few times to see it's sails topple and eventually "sink" the whole boat. And the opening treasure chest on the right side of the playfield that finally opens to reveal the red "heart" (with accompanying audio "heart beat"!) Shoot the upper level rollover K-E-Y shots to open the chest and reveal the treasure inside.

The upper left corner of the playfield features a small "rotating" playfield that spins the ball and ricochets it off of surrounding targets. This spinning turntable holds balls as the "lock" for multiball and releases them only when the spinner slows down!

Set to be another "home run" hit for Stern Pinball- make Pirates of the Caribbean the new prized addition to your game lineup!

Game Condition:

Brand new, direct from factory!
Never used in an arcade!
Right out of the box!
(Need we say more?)

Game Images:

(Click for larger view)
Playfield overall view.
Lower center area of playfield. Note the great artwork and colors here. Complete modes to light points on the compass and work toward Four Winds Multiball wizard mode!
Right mid-playfield area- opening "Treasure Chest". Complete top (upper level) K-E-Y rollover lanes to open the chest and reveal the red beating heart! Spell H-E-A-R-T with successive shots to the chest to complete!
Top area of playfield. Lots to see here! Note the actual working "sinking ship" with sails that flutter and shake as you hit it, eventually sinking the whole boat down into the playfield! What a great pinball gadget!

Also note the spinning elevated playfield in upper left corner used to lock balls. Balls enter this unit from the left ramp and strike the yellow standup targets around the perimeter as they spin!

Note also the elevated playfield and rollover lanes in the upper right corner- over the pop bumpers area. Send the ball to the left, or right flippers through the rollovers, or drop it to the lower playfield from the center lane.

Make the "Parlay" hole to light either outlane for "Parlay"- saving your ball if it exits down the lit outlane!

(Click for larger view)
Overall view. Game shown with optional "Tournament Play" package installed (backbox marquee and lockdown bar Tournament Start button).
Main cabinet side art. Outstanding colors and design on this game!
Backglass front and backbox side. Game here is shown with optional Tournament Mode package installed (backbox marquee).
Backglass artwork.

Like all pinballs we sell, this machine also comes complete with instruction/operation manual and schematics, and fully functional coin door with all parts present and working. For our local customers, this game also includes
delivery, setup, and a warranty on parts and labor, at no additional charge.

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