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Cabinet Start Button Assembly - Large - Green Lens w/ LED (Stern / Jersey Jack):

Price: $20.95 each

Status: In Stock
(2 Available)



Part #: 500-1060-44-LED
Condition: New
Large start button assembly for cabinet front. Used on some later-model Stern Pinball and Jersey Jack games. Measures 1-7/8 inches diameter across front face & bezel. Green lens with black START text. Includes button housing, mounting nut, lamp/switch mount, large white microswitch with lug leads for cabinet wiring, and LED bulb for internal illumination. Late-model design with easy-to-remove lamp/switch mount- twists in/out of housing with 1/8-turn- does not require difficult pulling/pushing to remove like older designs.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    JERSEY JACK: Wizard of Oz

    STERN: Aerosmith LE, Aerosmith Premium, Aerosmith Pro, Avengers Infinity Quest LE, Avengers Infinity Quest Premium, Avengers Infinity Quest Pro, Batman 66 Catwoman (Stern), Batman 66 Limited Edition (Stern), Batman 66 Premium (Stern), Beatles Diamond Edition, Beatles Gold Edition, Beatles Platinum Edition, Black Knight: Sword of Rage LE (Stern), Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium (Stern), Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pro (Stern), Elvira's House of Horrors LE (Stern), Elvira's House of Horrors Premium (Stern), Elvira's House of Horrors SE (Stern), Ghostbusters LE, Ghostbusters Premium, Ghostbusters Pro, Heavy Metal, Jurassic Park LE (Stern), Jurassic Park Premium (Stern), Jurassic Park Pro (Stern), Led Zeppelin LE, Led Zeppelin Premium, Led Zeppelin Pro, Munsters LE, Munsters Premium, Munsters Pro, Star Wars Comic Art Premium (Stern), Star Wars Comic Art Pro (Stern), Star Wars Comic Art The Pin Home Model (Stern), Star Wars LE, Star Wars Premium, Star Wars Pro (Stern), Stranger Things LE, Stranger Things Premium, Stranger Things Pro, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LE (Stern), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premium (Stern), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pro (Stern)

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