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Ball Shooter Assembly w/ Black Knob & Standard Spring (Data East/Sega/Stern):

Price: $50.29 each

Status: In Stock
(4 Available)



Part #: 500-6146-00-04
Condition: New
Complete ball shooter assembly as used on some late-model Data East, Sega, and modern Stern Pinball games. Replaces older Data East # 500-5409-06-04. May fit some other older makes/models as well (see note below). Includes all needed parts- just install it and go!

NOTE: Some adjustment to plunger assembly and/or existing game parts may be required when fitting on a game other than a new Stern Pinball game. This unit will extend into the cabinet 5-1/2 inches (measured from inside front edge of cabinet to tip of ball shooter) and can be extended a bit further, if required, by removing outside spring washer (adds 3/32 inch) and possibly stretching the inner spring (may add 1/8 inch additional length).

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    Used In The Following Games:
    DATA EAST: Hook, Maverick the Movie

    STERN: 24, Aerosmith LE, Aerosmith Pro, Austin Powers, Avatar, Avengers LE Blue, Avengers LE Hulk, Avengers Premium, Avengers Pro, Batman the Dark Knight (Stern), Batman 66 Catwoman (Stern), Batman 66 Premium (Stern), Big Buck Hunter Pro, Can Crusher (redemption), CSI, Family Guy, Grand Prix (Stern), High Roller Casino, Indiana Jones (Stern), Iron Maiden Pro, Iron Man, Iron Man Pro Vault Edition, Metallica LE Master of Puppets, Metallica Master of Puppets, Metallica Premium, Metallica Pro, Monopoly, NASCAR, NBA (Stern), Pirates of the Caribbean, Playboy (Stern), Primus, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Rolling Stones (Stern), Shrek, Simpsons Pinball Party, Sopranos, Spider-Man (Stern), Spider-Man Vault Edition (Stern), Star Wars LE, Star Wars Premium, Star Wars Pro (Stern), Striker Xtreme, Transformers, Transformers LE, Transformers LE Autobot, Transformers LE Decepticon, TRON: Legacy, Walking Dead LE, Walking Dead Premium, Walking Dead Pro, Wheel of Fortune, World Poker Tour, WWE Wrestlemania LE, WWE Wrestlemania Pro, X-Men Pro, X-Men Wolverine LE

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