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Crystal Clear Carnauba Paste Wax - 16oz Can:

Price: $18.49 each

Status: Out of Stock (currently unavailable)  more info...
INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Oversize item. Shipping outside the U.S. will require additional cost, due to size (billed separately from your order). E-mail us with your shipping address, and desired quantity, if you need a shipping quote.
Part #: CCWAX
Condition: New
Crystal Clear Carnauba wax is ideal for older games with standard polyurethane coatings that were made before clearcoating and Diamondplating which were introduced around 1990. Older games have a tendency to develop tiny nicks and cracks in the playfield's polyurethane coating as they age, and standard waxes will typically get caught in these cracks and dry to a hazy yellowish color, which accentuates the cracks and makes them stand out. Waxing an older game with standard wax can sometimes make it look worse than not waxing it at all.

Not so with Crystal Clear Paste Wax. This wax dries nearly clear, and won't yellow, so it won't make playfield stress cracks and other blemishes stand out or appear uglier than they were. And this wax contains imported Carnauba which makes it one of the hardest waxes made, which provides excellent protection against wear and tear to your valuable pinball machine.

Great for use after playfield cleaning/polishing- adds extra shine and protection to your valuable playfield surface.

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