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Star Wars Trilogy (Sega) Rubber Ring Kit:

Price: $17.47 each

Status: In Stock
Selection: (Click to Select)


Part #: KIT333
Condition: New
This 38-piece kit includes:
  • Most or all playfield top-side rubber parts that come in contact with the ball (see note below).
  • Listing of kit parts and quantities used.
  • Diagram showing locations of all parts supplied in the kit.
  • Ring sizing chart for quick ring ID.
  • Installation tips.
Special Notes for Star Wars Trilogy:
  • # 545-5151-00 (19pcs) short post sleeve rubbers are not included in kit by default, but you can select to add them above, when ordering. These sit at bottom of some narrow metal posts, and generally do not need replacing. We recommend removing these from your game as it speeds up and improves play.
  • # 545-5192-00 (1pc) is called for in game manual. This is a misprint- this part is not a rubber item, but part of the X-Wing mechanism.
  • # 545-5105-00 (5pcs) are used on coil mechanism under the playfield as cushions for coil plungers. As these do not contact the ball, they are not included in the ring kit. But can be ordered separately if needed.
Kit Colors: Select above when ordering. Default colors are factory-original colors for this game (some colors may vary depending on availability).

Default colors for Star Wars Trilogy: Rings: Black , Flippers: Black , Plunger Tip: N/A


Our rubber kits include (where applicable) most or all ball-contact rubber parts on the top side of the playfield, including regular round rings, post bumpers, sleeve bumpers, mini post rings, flipper rings, ball shooter tip, and top arch rebound bumper. Rings for mini-posts on tops of plastics and ramps are also included for games that use them.

Our rubber kits do not includeIf you have a question about anything that may or may not be included in a kit, please ask before ordering.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    SEGA: Star Wars Trilogy

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