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LED - #89 Flashlamp, Yellow (Flexible Lead):

Price: $1.89 each

Status: In Stock
 (21 Available)



Part #: LED089FY
Condition: New
Yellow flexible-lead LED replacement for large 12-volt #89 incandescent flash lamps used in most makes/models. Also works in place of #67 lamps. Features multiple individual LEDs on top which provides a bright, crisp light when illuminated.

Flex LED replacement bulbs have 2 flexible wire leads that allow you to position light in any direction you need it. They work best under playfield inserts that use horizontally-mounted light sockets, allowing you to turn and position the LED directly up through the playfield insert after installing the bulb in the socket.


Substitutes: Will not work in place of flash lamps of other voltages, such as #63, #1251 or #1683.

Williams Level 4, Level 6, Level 7, System 9, and System 11 Games: Use of LED flash lamps in these games requires removing the ground (black) wire from each flasher lamp buss strip (Level 6/7 and System 9 games), or ceramic resistor board (System 11 games) for each lamp that is installed. Location, quantity, and types of buss strips or resistor boards may vary depending on the game you are working on. If ground wire is not removed from each flash lamp circuit, then all flash lamps in the game will blink at the same time when any one single flash lamp goes off.

Open, broken, or missing diodes on flipper coils in these games will cause LEDs to blink briefly when flippers are activated.

NOTE: No returns on Lighting - all sales final.

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