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Theatre of Magic (Bally) ROM Chips:

Price: $12.00 each

Status: In Stock
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Part #: ROMS349
Condition: New
Replacement and upgrade ROM chips. Chips come with installation info including a link to online step-by-step instructions (with pictures). Most chips also include a diagram showing locations of ROM chips in your particular game.

Select and order above. Looking for a software revision not listed above? E-mail us.

Software Revision History for Theatre of Magic: History 1

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR Theatre of Magic: Use of the 1.4H Home Version ROM requires the custom 1.4H U22 (G10) security PIC chip (sold separately - order here). No returns or refunds on ROM chips. Click here for more information on Home Version ROM 1.4H, and other commercial revision history.

Officially-released Bally & Williams software that we supply are Genuine Bally/Williams Replacement Parts and are supplied with permission of Planetary Pinball Supply, Inc. Each copy includes a $2 non-refundable charge which covers Williams Electronics Games licensing fee and a processing fee. Official terms of software use and licensing can be reviewed here. Your purchase and use of official Bally/Williams software that we provide indicates your acceptance of, and compliance with, the terms in the Williams Software License.

The above software is provided as a service, but is not being sold. Price above reflects the cost of the service to provide the manufacturer-owned software on game-compatible media, and installation instructions for the software that comes on the media. We do not sell or own any manufacturer software.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Theatre of Magic

  • $7.99 One-Rate Shipping in U.S.! Related Items: On Most Parts Orders (click for details)

    Chip / IC Extractor Tool - Economy
    Part # EXT_IC1
    $3.95 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) U22 Security Chip 1.0 (SEE NOTE)
    Part # G10_TOM
    $38.50 each

    Theatre of Magic w/ 1.4H Game ROM (Bally) U22 Security Chip
    Part # G10_TOM14H

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Game Manual
    Part # PM0398
    $38.20 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Operators Handbook
    Part # PM0399
    $7.50 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Cabinet Tech. Chart (Small) - Hard-Laminated
    Part # TC_TOM1
    $12.50 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Cabinet Tech. Chart (Large) - Hard-Laminated
    Part # TC_TOM2
    $15.00 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Rubber Ring Kit
    Part # KIT041
    $26.24 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Ramp Protector - Left
    Part # 01-13849
    $10.99 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Ramp Protector - Right (USED)
    Part # 01-13850U
    $10.00 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Trap Door Lid & Decal
    Part # 04-10020.1
    $47.59 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Mirror Plastic
    Part # 20-10194
    $25.00 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Right Ramp Assembly (USED)
    Part # A-19954U
    $100.00 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Left Ramp Assembly (USED)
    Part # A-19955U
    $90.00 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Curtain Plastics (2pcs)
    Part # PDG198
    $35.00 set

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Left Ramp Entrance Flap (USED)
    Part # U552
    $3.50 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Left Ramp Metal Drop Protector (USED)
    Part # U591
    $3.50 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Motor Stop Assembly
    Part # A-19933
    $14.63 each

    Theatre of Magic (Bally) Backglass Translite (USED)
    Part # 31-1357-50039
    $139.00 each

    Coil - 20-10179 - With Wire Leads and Connector
    Part # 20-10179
    $35.00 each

    Eddy Sensor PC Board (Bally/Williams) (USED) (SEE NOTES)
    Part # A-18543-1
    $75.00 each

    Eddy Sensor PC Board (Bally/Williams) (USED) (SEE NOTES)
    Part # A-18543-2
    $75.00 each

    Ball Trough Plastic Shim
    Part # 03-16809
    $11.19 each

    Pin Ball - 1-1/16 Inch Diameter (Standard Size)
    Part # PB116
    $2.79 each

    Flipper Rebuild Kit - Two Flippers - Bally/Williams Games 1992-1999
    Part # FLKIT2
    $32.34 each

    Fuse Kit - Bally / Williams WPC-89 Games (1990-1995) (SEE NOTES)
    Part # FKWPC
    $9.80 each

    Fuse Puller Tool - For Glass Fuses
    Part # FPT1
    $3.99 each

    Circuit Breaker Testing Set (6pcs)
    Part # CBSET
    $24.99 set

    Digital Multi-Meter / Multi-Tester With Leads
    Part # METER02
    $11.95 each

    Soldering Kit (4 pcs)
    Part # SI-30-KIT
    $21.29 set

    Heat Shrink Tubing Kit - 127 Pieces
    Part # HS_KIT
    $11.95 each

    DeoxIT Anti-Oxidant Compound D100L
    Part # D100L
    $6.95 each

    Lamp Assortment Kit (#44,#555,#906,#89)
    Part # LAMAST
    $17.00 set

    Light Bulb Extractor Tool
    Part # LAMPTOOL
    $0.83 each

    LED- #44 / #47 3-Element
    Part # LED3044
    $0.99 & up

    LED- #555 4-Element (Non-Ghosting)
    Part # LED4555
    $1.09 & up

    LED- #44 / #47 Dome Lens
    Part # LED044D
    $1.29 & up

    LED- #555 Flexible-Lead (Non-Ghosting)
    Part # LED555F
    $1.29 each

    LED - #89 Flashlamp
    Part # LED089
    $1.59 each

    LED - #906 Flashlamp
    Part # LED906
    $1.59 each

    Game Lock With Keys - 7/8 Inch - Double-Bitted - Keyed-Alike
    Part # LOCKDB78A
    $4.95 each

    Game Lock With Keys - 7/8 Inch - Double-Bitted - Keyed-Alike - Fort/Hawk Style
    Part # LOCKDB78
    $9.95 each

    Keyless Lock - 7/8 Inch
    Part # LOCKHM78
    $5.95 each

    Backbox Lock With Keys - 5/8 Inch - Single-Bitted (Black)
    Part # LOCKSB58B
    $4.55 each

    Novus Polish Set - #1 #2 #3
    Part # NOV123
    $26.85 set

    Mothers California Gold Liquid Carnauba Cleaner / Wax - 16oz
    Part # MOTHERS_WAX
    $13.53 each

    Car License Plate Frame - Pinball Wizard
    Part # LICFRAME3
    $3.00 each