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Pinball Machines:
- For Sale -

We occasionally have some used/reconditioned games available for sale in various conditions from "as-is" to "fully restored". When available, you can find games listed below with pictures, prices, and details.

For more details on some of the reconditioning work that we do, please see our Pinball Reconditioning page, and our Pinball Buyer's Guide.

Games Listed Below Include: (Unless Otherwise Noted)
Game Pick-Up, Local Delivery, Out-of-Town Shipping:
  • Our Own Exclusive Warranty:
        - 30 days comprehensive
        - 90 days on electronic circuit boards and displays
        - (Out-of-town customers click here for important warranty info.)
  • Game assembly & setup guide.
  • Instruction/operation manual and schematics.
  • "About Your Game" operation and care instructions.
  • Fully functional coin door with all parts present/working.
  • New leg protector pads
  • New chrome steel pin balls
  • As long as you own the game:
        - FREE phone or e-mail support
        - Discounted service rates for your game.
  • Local Customers:    What is local?
  • Have your game delivered & setup, or pick up in person.
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    Out-of-Town Customers:    What is out-of-town?
  • Have your game packed & shipped, or pick up in person.
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  • Free game assembly & setup guide included.

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    - For details on game service & repair, click here.
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  • Pinball Machines for Sale:
    ALL PINBALL AND VIDEO GAME SALES ARE FINAL. Prices shown below are in US funds. Local customers add Utah State Sales Tax.
    Game Name: Details: Notes:
    Capt. Fantastic

    Cash Price:

    - SOLD -

    Signature Series
    Popular Collectible Vintage Bally Pinball!
    The top pinball machine to be produced by Bally in the 1970's, Capt. Fantastic was inspired by Elton John's character in the rock-opera motion picture Tommy, featuring the rock band The Who. Elton's character from the film is shown on the backglass, and he even posed with the game for a promotional flyer photo when it was released! Be a Pinball Wizard and The Bally Table King just like Elton in the movie, when you own this piece of legendary pinball history! This game features a professional full cabinet repaint in original design and colors (complete with original gold 'spatter' finish), a gorgeous low-mileage playfield that has been fully reconditioned and restored, a gorgeous well-preserved original backglass, and much more! Playfield action is FAST on this game, featuring FOUR flippers, 5-bank drop targets, three lively pop bumpers, a ball-save gate, and more. A truly rare offering from our restoration shop, and a great addition to any classic pinball collector's lineup! Don't let this legendary classic vintage Bally pinball pass you by!

  • Click here for pictures, video, details, and more info.
  • Flying Carpet

    Cash Price:

    - SOLD -
    Condition:Very Good

    Classic Vintage Gottlieb Pinball!
    Highly sought-after single-player "wedgehead" pinball by Gottlieb. Fantastic overall condition with outstanding playfield and gorgeous backglass. Low-mileage game in great shape- a must see! Shopped-out and ready to join your pinball lineup!

    This game is being offered in shopped-out, working condition as-is with no warranty.

  • Click here for pictures, video, details, and more info.
  • Fun Cruise

    Pictures Soon!

    JUST IN!

    Ordering Info
    Unique Vintage Pinball!
    A unique novelty pinball made by Bally in the mid-1960's that spawned a sequel- Deluxe Fun Cruise- the following year. This is a single-player, 3-ball flipperless game that uses oversized slingshot bumpers at the bottom of the playfield to virtually "play itself" and propel the ball back up into play. Try to collect flags from various ports-of-call on your "pinball cruise" by hitting targets, bumpers, and the kick-out saucer. How many can you get? Lots of playfield action including 6 large bumpers, 8 mushroom bumpers, 2 large slingshot bumpers, a large kickout saucer, flashing lights, lots of great colors and artwork, and of course classic pinball play and sounds. "Rare" game- only 675 units were made! A great novelty piece for entertainment and a very unique addition to anyone's pinball collection!

    Excellent overall condition- very clean inside and out and well cared-for by it's previous owner. Shows far-below-average use. Gorgeous playfield, backglass, and cabinet.

    Game is sold in working condition, complete, as-is no warranty.

  • Reconditioning in progress- pictures soon- please check back!
  • Lost World

    - SOLD -

    Bally Arcade Classic!
    Explore the mythical Lost World in this legendary classic from Bally Pinball! The popularity of this game actually spawned a sequel the following year- Paragon- which carried-over the popular theme and featured similar artwork, colors, and sounds. Lost World features all-electronic operation with electronic sounds and scoring. Playfield has been fully reconditioned and features fully rebuilt flippers and bumpers, and a complete overhaul from top-to-bottom for great looks and fast, fun play. This game features three fast pop bumpers, a captive ball, two kick-out saucers, spinner lane, and detailed colorful artwork along with cool sound effects. Circuit boards and electronics have all been overhauled and upgraded for added reliability and longevity. Make Lost World a part of your classic pinball lineup!

  • Click here for pictures, video, details, and more info.
  • Party Animal

    Cash Price:

    - SOLD -

    Join the Pinball Party Animals!
    This is the original legendary Bally/Midway pinball that spawned a trilogy including the Party Zone and Elvira & Party Monsters sequels! Here's the original- hard-to-find, low-production game, in outstanding condition. Reconditioned and plug-and-play ready for your home game room! Features THREE flippers, TWO ramps, 3-BALL Multiball play, great sounds/speech, and even plays several different musical tracks while you play, such as Louie Louie, Satisfaction, Tequila, 96 Tears and more!

    Ready to buy a game? See our Pinball Buyer's Guide, and our Game Sales Info page, or you can always e-mail us!

    Click here to browse a listing of games that we have SOLD in the past...

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    "Do you have any other games that are currently for sale?"

    We have no other games available at this time- the list above is kept current. Feel free to check back periodically to see what we have coming available.

    "Why don't you have more games for sale?"

    The largest demand from our customers for the last few years has been in providing service & repair on games that were purchased from other sellers, and selling/shipping parts & supplies to our out-of-town customers. The increases in these portions of our business hasn't left us much available time to acquire, recondition, and sell used machines. In short, we're often too busy fixing everyone else's stuff to work on our own!

    If you're interested in a reconditioned pinball game, but don't see anything above that meets your needs, feel free to check back with us periodically to see what else we have coming available.

    Bought a game from someone else and didn't get what you expected? You're not alone- we hear complaints like this on a daily basis. But we can help! See our Game Service & Repair page for details on how we can help with the game you own!

    Game Condition Ratings:

    Below is a brief description of how we rate and list the condition of the games we have for sale. We try to be relatively conservative in our ratings in order to most accurately represent condition. We try to avoid rating a game's characteristics on a "1 to 10" scale like many sellers use, because many times one person's "10" is another person's "7", etc. Instead, we give a descriptive rating of conditions below, with a definition of how we determine each rating.

    As always, rating of condition is a matter of opinion- one person's "mint" is sometimes another person's "junk", so no matter who you buy your game from, don't go by the seller's rating alone- be sure to ask questions, see pictures, and get a description of the game you are interested in, in order to most accurately determine the seller's interpretation of condition, and to judge for yourself the actual condition of the game.

    On the same note, games of same condition can vary slightly- that is, one "Excellent" game may not be exactly the same condition as another "Excellent" game. Ratings are generallized, and may possibly span two different ratings sometimes such as, "Very Good to Excellent Condition".

    For more information on rating condition and buying "sight unseen", see our Game Sales Information page

    Brand New
    Highest rating. It doesn't get any better than this- this is basically a brand new game that has never been owned or operated. Fresh from the factory! Games in this condition are considered "mint condition", which means they are basically in the condition they were in when shipped from the "mint", or "factory".
    Collector Condition
    As good as you can usually get without the game being "new in box". This is the condition that most of our collector or hard-core enthusiast customers wait for. Games of this rating are in superb condition with very few and/or tiny imperfections (if any). These can be games that have been commercially operated (used) but very lightly used and/or maintained superbly so as to appear very close to new condition. Or games in this condition can also be what many call "home use only", which is basically a game that was purchased brand new from factory, and used only in a home (non-commercial) environment with little use and good upkeep so as to appear very close to new condition. Backglass usually flawless, but may have one or two minor imperfections.
    A used game still in great condition showing few and/or small signs of normal or average use. Maybe a few average type nicks and scratches on cabinet- some/all being touched up and not very noticeable. And maybe some minor signs of normal use on playfield and it's components. Overall great shape- much higher than average condition for a restored game. Backglass may show some slight imperfections and/or wear/age.
    Very Good
    A used game in average to slightly-above-average condition, restored. Shows some signs of normal or average use and/or "wear and tear". Most likely some average type signs of wear on cabinet- scratches, scuffs, nicks- some/all being touched up in order to be less noticeable. Some signs of use on playfield and it's components, including possibly some slight wear spots on playfield- some/all being touched up in order to be less noticeable. Backglass may show some signs of light wear/age.
    A used game in average to slightly-below-average condition, as restored as practically possible. Shows more obvious signs of average use and/or "wear and tear". More obvious average type wear on cabinet- scratches, scuffs, nicks- some/all being touched up in order to be less noticeable. More obvious signs of use on playfield and it's components, including some wear spots on playfield- some/all being touched up in order to be less noticeable. Backglass may show some signs of wear/age.
    Rarely do we have anything in this condition, and if so, restoration work is minimal on a game of this condition due to overall condition/value of the game. This condition would be a used game in below-average condition. Shows obvious signs of use and/or "wear and tear"- maybe moderate to heavy use. Maybe some damage that may or may not be practically repairable. Obvious wear on cabinet- scratches, scuffs, nicks, and possibly other damage- some/all of which may or may not have been repaired or touched up. Obvious signs of use/wear on playfield and it's components, including wear on playfield surface which may or may not have been touched up. Backglass possibly in good to fair condition- may show signs of wear/age.
    We generally don't deal in any games of Fair or Poor condition due to the fact that most cannot be practically salvaged or restored to any considerably good condition, and standard restoration work put into such a game would more than likely exceed the game's value, based on it's finished condition. Games in the Fair and Poor category may often be games that would be sold as-is, or unrestored, but again- we generally don't deal in such games at all.

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