Condition: (See images below for more detail)

PLAYFIELD: Factory-original NOS playfield, clearcoated. There are a few slight blemishes around a couple of the playfield inserts where the surrounding black ink bled into the clearcoat during the coating process. These are very minimal and not very noticeable (see detailed images below). New modern LED lighting installed. New playfield plastics set. New drop targets with decals. All mechanical assemblies have been reconditioned and rebuilt with new parts including drop target banks, pop bumpers, slingshot kickers, flippers, kickout saucer/outhole. New spinner decals installed. Playfield wiring harness hand-cleaned and reconditioned.

BACKGLASS: Factory original, excellent condition.

CABINET/BACKBOX: Full professional cabinet repaint in original artwork and colors. New stainless steel cabinet side rails. New cabinet gliders on back. New power cord. Coin door cleaned, reconditioned, and rebuilt. New SBA Bally decal on front. Legs have been repainted in original color. New leg levelers, bolts, leg bolt plates, and cabinet leg protector pads. Cabinet interior is clean with parts in excellent condition. New flipper buttons and flipper button switches installed. Score displays are all original and in excellent working condition. All circuit boards overhauled and rebuilt/upgraded as needed. New MPU board installed. Strobe light assembly rebuilt with new capacitors installed. Cabinet and backbox wiring harnesses hand-cleaned and reconditioned. New sheet of tempered playfield glass installed.

  • 2-LEVEL playfield
  • Electronic speech and sound effects
  • 3 flippers
  • 11 drop targets
  • 2 pop bumpers
  • 3 ramps
  • New plastics set installed
  • Modern LED lighting installed
  • New rubber rings and bumpers installed
  • Coin door operates with coins (game also set on free play)
  • Plays up to 4 players
  • Includes game instruction/operation manual with schematics