Item: Value:
Cabinet and backbox nylon gliders (8)$7.98
New playfield$958.00
Leg bolts (8)$13.20
Leg bolt protective nylon washers (8)$2.00
Leg bolt plates- heavy duty (4)$19.80
Leg levelers- heavy duty (4)$6.00
Stainless steel cabinet side rails (2)$129.99
Side rail twist nails (14)$2.80
Leg pad protectors (4)$11.95
Flipper buttons (2)$5.00
Flipper switches (2)$23.58
Lockdown bar latch SEMS screws (4)$0.76
Ball shooter external spring$0.90
Ball shooter washers (3)$1.41
Playfield switch capacitors (8)$3.92
Cabinet wire harness rubber restraining ring$0.92
Fuse clips for power supply board (4)$1.00
Misc fuses$0.50
Grounded power cord- original style$20.25
Full LED kit$139.95
LED Adapter Set$63.00
LED Adapter Power Connector$0.85
Coin door lock$4.95
Backbox lock$6.95
Backbox bolts (4)$4.36
Backbox bolt washers (4)$1.20
Circuit board mounting standoffs (6)$4.50
Regulator board filter capacitor kit$10.95
Score display digit driver IC & socket$3.44
Lockdown bar foam seal$3.00
Strobe light power capacitors (2)$5.00
Playfield post t-nuts (20)$5.00
Star rollover button (7)$10.50
Misc hardware (nuts/screws/washers)$6.96
Lamp socket$1.65
Drop target set$55.00
Playfield coil fuse holder$1.99
Small flipper cap$10.00
Large flipper bat/shaft (2)$15.18
Ramp screws (18)$2.70
Pop bumper bodies (3)$9.00
Pop bumper bases (3)$3.00
Pop bumper skirts (3)$2.97
Pop bumper skirt springs (3)$1.84
Rubber ring kit$16.02
Mini post- heavy-duty$8.38
Mini post nuts/washers (6)$0.74
Playfield posts- red (32)$33.60
Playfield posts- narrow white (2)$3.98
Playfield post screws (5)$1.00
Screened artwork plastics set$174.00
Protective fender washers for plastics (4)$1.00
Playfield plastics screws (21)$3.15
Playfield plastics cap nuts (26)$7.54
Shooter lane protector$8.85
Playfield glass, tempered$80.00
Playfield apron & shooter gauge$132.35
Pop bumper cap set (3pcs)$23.99
Pop bumper cap screws (6)$0.90
Backglass trim set$13.95
Eject saucer coil$12.99
Alltek Ultimate MPU board$200.00
Flipper rebuilt kits (3)$116.55
New pin ball$2.79
Coin door decal$2.79
Spinner target decals (2 sets)$8.00
Dollar coin acceptor (NOS)$25.00
Cabinet/backbox instruction card set$25.00
Game manual with schematics$23.88
Score & instruction card set$5.00
New Parts Total:$2,528.36