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Item Cabinet Parts:

Status: Available
No item description.

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    Ready Aim Fire! (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit

    Diverter Assembly - Right (Data East)

    Car License Plate Frame - Pinball Wizard
    SALE! $2.00 each

    Connector Housing - 6-Position Female Block - 0.062 Inch Polarized (SEE NOTE)
    $0.89 each

    Fluorescent Lamp - 18-Inch Tube Cool White F15T8 15-Watt
    $10.99 each

    Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams) Bazaar Scoop Kicker Assembly

    PAL Chip - 1628 - U26 Display (Sega)
    $29.00 each

    Pop Bumper Cap - Clear
    $3.89 each

    Spin Out (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit
    $19.14 each

    Price Plate (Bally) 1 Play 1 Quarter 3 Plays 2 Quarters - Yellow/Black
    $3.99 each

    NFL Pinballs (Stern) Drop Target Set (4pcs)

    Playfield Opto Receiver PC Board w/ Diode (Sega / Stern)
    $41.95 each

    Jungle (Williams) Rubber Ring Kit
    $19.28 each

    Flipper End-of-Stroke Switch w/Bend (Data East / Sega / Stern)
    $4.99 each

    Spring - Coil Plunger Return (Bally)

    Lord of the Rings (Stern) Multiball Lock Upgrade Bracket Kit

    Blue Bumper Pad (Stern)
    $6.95 each

    World Fair (Gottlieb) Rubber Ring Kit

    Viper Night Drivin (Sega) Sales Flyer - Original
    $3.00 each

    Lamp Socket - Wedge Base (Bally)

    Hex Spacer / Standoff - 1-11/16 x 1/4 Inch - #6-32 Internal Threads F-F

    Cover - Clear Plastic - High Voltage Regulator (Bally)
    $7.59 each

    Leaf Switch - 2-Lug (Williams)

    Mayfair (Gottlieb) Schematic Wiring Diagram

    Coil - GA-31-2000 (Bally)
    $17.69 each