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Jamma Cable Harness & Connector- Arcade Video:

Price: $24.99 each

Status: In Stock
(5 Available)



Part #: 80-5100-00
Condition: New
New standard 56-pin Jamma connector and color-coded wiring harness. Used on many original and aftermarket arcade video game PC boards to connect to power supply and game hardware (joysticks, trackball, buttons, coin switches, test/service buttons, video, and audio.) Includes all connections for 1- or 2-player game setups. 28 pins on each side of the Jamma card-edge connector for a total of 56 pins.

Includes card-edge Jamma connector housing and wire harness with push button lugs, power/ground leads, and RGB monitor output connection for optional hookup to older CRT tube monitors. All leads have 0.187-inch quick disconnect lugs for easy connecting to buttons, joysticks, etc. Power/ground wires have fork terminals for easy connection to +5VDC, +12VDC, and GND at game power supply. Also features a full grounding loop for all joysticks and buttons on your control panel.

Can be used on any 1- or 2-player video game that supports the Jamma interface/wiring, or as an excellent replacement for older pre-Jamma connectors & harnesses in games with MPU card-edge connectors such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Mr. Do!, Galaxian, and more (see note below.)
  • Wire Size: Power/ground pins 1-6 are 18 gauge wire. All others are 22 gauge.
  • Connector includes un-wired position for optional -5vdc power.
  • Both ground connections are wired in the harness (pins 1, 2, 28).
  • All pins on connector are protected by heat shrink.
  • Wire ends for controls (buttons, etc.) include push-on terminals for quick connection (no soldering).
  • Wire end terminals insulated by plastic sleeves.
  • Pre-connected plugs and connections for your monitor, speakers, power supply, coin meter, etc.
  • Works with all game boards that use standard Jamma wiring.

NOTE: When using on a pre-Jamma or non-Jamma game, some relocating or removal of pins/wires may be required, depending on exact game pinout. Connector housing may need to be cut short to fit some card-edge connectors on some MPU boards. We recommend using a 0.156-inch pin extractor tool for easy pin removal and replacement.

This item is considered an electrical part, and is not eligible for return, exchange, or refund- all sales final.

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