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Information on this page is subject to change without notice, and may not necessarily be current. All prices are in US Funds.
Pinball & Other Games for Sale

We occasionally have some used/reconditioned pinball & video games available for sale in various conditions from "as-is" to "fully restored". When available, you can find games listed below with pictures, prices, and details.

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ALL GAME SALES ARE FINAL. Prices shown below are in US funds. Local customers add Utah State Sales Tax.
Beat Time (Williams) Pinball Machine
Part #: GAME_BT
Condition: Used/Shopped

NOTE: This is a used antique mechanical pinball game being offered in working/as-is condition. It... more

Out of Stock
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Fun Cruise (Bally) Pinball Machine
Part #: GAME_FC1
Condition: Used/Reconditioned

Unique flipperless novelty pinball machine made by Bally in 1965. This game spawned a sequel, Deluxe Fun Cruise, a year... more

Out of Stock
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Flipper Pool (Gottlieb) Pinball Machine
Condition: Used/Reconditioned

See additional images below for more details. Classic single-player wedge head pinball made by Gottlieb in 1965. Fairly rare... more

Out of Stock
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Golden Tee Fore! Complete (Incredible Technologies) Arcade Video Game
Part #: GAME_GTFC2
Condition: Used

Home-use-only model in great condition! This game features all 29 golf courses with all the available add-in course packs.... more

Out of Stock
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Time Warp (Williams) Pinball Machine
Part #: GAME_TW
Condition: Used/Reconditioned

Excellent overall condition. Brand new modern flipper assemblies installed for upgraded performance and reliability. Brand new... more

Out of Stock
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Volcano Pinball Machine (Gottlieb)
Part #: GAME_VOL
Condition: Used/Reconditioned

Excellent condition, very low-use game, well preserved. Recently reconditioned. ... more

Out of Stock
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Frequently Asked Questions:

"Do you have any other games that are currently for sale?"

We have no other games available at this time- the list above is kept current. Feel free to check back periodically to see what we have coming available.

"Why don't you have more games for sale?"

The largest demand from our customers for the last few years has been in providing service & repair on games that were purchased from other sellers, and selling/shipping parts & supplies to our out-of-town customers. The increases in these portions of our business hasn't left us much available time to acquire, recondition, and sell used machines. In short, we're often too busy fixing everyone else's stuff to work on our own!

If you're interested in a reconditioned pinball game, but don't see anything above that meets your needs, feel free to check back with us periodically to see what else we have coming available.

Bought a game from someone else and didn't get what you expected? You're not alone- we hear complaints like this on a daily basis. But we can help! See our Game Service & Repair page for details on how we can help with the game you own!

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