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Technical Articles Index

CONTACTING US: (Please Read)
  • Parts & Supplies: Free free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions about parts that we sell which are mentioned in any of the Technical Articles on our site.

  • Technical Help & Questions:

    • E-mail and Phone Help: We do not provide any technical help by phone or e-mail, unless you bought your game directly from our shop. If you did not, we cannot help you- please do not contact us. We simply do not have the time or resources to provide technical assistance by e-mail or phone for games that did not come directly from our shop. Instead, please see the section below on "Do It Yourself" for further help.

    • Pinball Repair: If you have a game that you need serviced or repaired, please see our Game Service & Repair page for further info.

    • Do-It-Yourself: For information on working on your own game, you can find some online information at these sites:,, and
Many of the Technical Articles listed below contain information and directions involving electronics, and electronic printed circuit board service, repair, and modification work. These articles assume that you, the reader, have the appropriate experience and working knowledge required to do the work being described, as well as qualified knowledge of how to properly use the tools required, including the appropriate type of soldering iron, de-soldering tool or solder wick, solder, and any required electronic parts, components, and supplies.

If you do not have adequate experience, the appropriate tools, supplies, know-how, or are in any way uncomfortable doing any of the work described in any of the articles listed here, then we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a qualified repair person or shop, who can do the work for you. It is far too easy to damage, beyond repair, any of the parts in your game that you may be working on, or to cause damage to yourself, your game, or your property, if you are not knowledgeable and/or experienced regarding the work described in the articles below. We (Action Pinball & Amusement, LLC) are not responsible for any damage to you, your game, or your property, from doing any work on your game related to any of the articles listed on this site.

E-mail and phone inquiries regarding parts and supplies are welcome, but please do not contact us if you need technical assistance with any of the work described- we do not have the time or resources to provide free telephone technical help or support for working on your game, nor can we magically turn you into a qualified circuit board repair person in a few minutes time over the phone- such qualities take years to learn and refine. Instead, you may find qualified help from any of the following sources:

General (All Makes):

Bally / Stern Solid-State (1977-1985): Data East, Sega, and late-model Stern: Gottlieb: Williams Early Solid State (1977-up): Williams/Bally WPC Pinball (1990-up): Pinball 2000:
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