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Bally ROM Part Number ID Chart
The following is a chart of Bally pinball game ROM factory part numbers, and their corresponding games.

If you have any info to add to this list, or corrections, please e-mail us.

Part # Description
E720-07U6 for Freedom
E720-08U1 for Freedom
E720-10U2 for Freedom
E720-20U6 for Strikes and Spares, Eight Ball, Night Rider, Black Jack, Evel Knievel, Mata Hari, Power Play.
E720-21U6 for ?
E720-28U6 for Lost World.
E720-30U6 for Playboy, SMDM, Super Sonic, KISS, Eight Ball, Strikes and Spares, Paragon, Voltan.
E720-34U6 for Harlem Globetrotters (-35 only. Use w/ E750-7 and E750-8)
E720-35U6 for Dolly, Future Spa, Globetrotters, Groundshaker, Hot Doggin, Mystic, Rolling Stones, Silverball, Space Invaders, Viking.
E720-37U6 substitute for Space Invaders
E720-40U6 (9332) for Frontier, Skateball, Xenon.
E720-52U6 (9332) for EBD, Embryon, Fireball II.
E720-53U6 for BMX, Centaur, Electra, Fathom, Fireball Classic, Mr & Mrs Pac-Man, Speak Easy, Spectrum, Vector, possible others.
E721-21Night Rider U1 2716 combo (Use w/E720-20 U6)
E722-17Evel Knievel U2
E723-14Eight Ball U1 (set 1)
E723-15Eight Ball U2 (set 1)
E723-16Eight Ball U4 (set 1)
E723-17Eight Ball U2 (solo w/U6)
E723-18Eight Ball U1 (set 2- use w/E723-16 U4)
E723-19Eight Ball U2 (set 2- use w/E723-16 U4)
E723-20Eight Ball U2 2716 combo (use w/E720-20 U6)
E724-25Power Play U2
E725-21Mata Hari U2
E728-32Blackjack U2
E729-18Sound ROM: KISS, SMDM, Lost World, Playboy, Super Sonic, Star Trek
E729-39Lost World U1
E729-40Lost World U2
E729-51Sound ROM: Dolly Parton, Paragon, Globetrotters, (others?)
E740-16Strikes & Spares U2 (use w/E720-20 U6)
E741-07Super Sonic U1 (early alternate version)
E741-10Super Sonic U1 (regular production version)
E741-08Super Sonic U2
E742-5SMDM U1 (set 1)
E742-6SMDM U1 (set 1)
E742-20SMDM U1 (set 2)
E742-18SMDM U2 (set 2)
E743-9Playboy U1
E743-10Playboy U2
E743-13Playboy U1 (opt 1- use with E743-10 U2)
E743-11Playboy U1 (opt 2)
E743-12Playboy U2 (opt 2)
E743-14Playboy U1 (opt 3- use with E743-12 U2)
E743-30Playboy U6
E744-03Voltan U1
E744-04Voltan U2
E745-11Star Trek U1
E745-12Star Trek U2
E746-11KISS U1
E746-14KISS U2
E748-15Paragon U2
E748-17Paragon U1
E750-3Harlem Globetrotters U1
E750-4Harlem Globetrotters U2
E750-5Harlem Globetrotters U1 (-35 only)
E750-6Harlem Globetrotters U2 (-35 only)
E750-7Harlem Globetrotters U1 (optional)
E750-8Harlem Globetrotters U2 (opt)
E776-8Nitro Groundshaker U1 (-35 only)
E776-9Nitro Groundshaker U2 (-35 only)
E776-10Nitro Groundshaker U1
E776-11Nitro Groundshaker U2
E776-14Nitro Groundshaker U4 Sound
E776-15Nitro Groundshaker U4 Sound (opt)
E776-17Nitro Groundshaker U1 substitute
E777-8Dolly Parton U1 (-35 only)
E777-9Dolly Parton U2 (-35 only)
E777-10Dolly Parton U1
E777-11Dolly Parton U2
E777-12Dolly Parton U2 (-35 only)
E777-13Dolly Parton U2 (opt)
E781-2Future Spa U4 Sound
E781-5Future Spa U4 Sound (opt)
E781-6Future Spa U1 (-35 only)
E781-7Future Spa U1
E781-8Future Spa U2 (-35 only)
E781-9Future Spa U2
E786-8Silverball Mania U4 Sound
E786-11Silverball Mania U4 Sound (***This may be confused with a U1 MPU chip...)
E786-14Silverball Mania U1 (-35 only)
E786-15Silverball Mania U6 (-35 only)
E786-16Silverball Mania U1 (-35 only- use w/E786-17 U2)
E786-17Silverball Mania U2
E792-2Space Invaders U4 Sound
E792-7Space Invaders U4 Sound (opt)
E792-8Space Invaders U1 (-35 only)
E792-10Space Invaders U1
E792-12Space Invaders U2 (-35 only)
E792-13Space Invaders U2
E796-11Rolling Stones U4 Sound
E796-15Rolling Stones U2 (-35 only)
E796-16Rolling Stones U1 (-35 only)
E796-17Rolling Stones U1
E796-18Rolling Stones U2
E796-19Rolling Stones U4 Sound (opt)
E811-22Xenon Voice ROM U1
E811-23Xenon Voice ROM U2
E811-24Xenon Voice ROM U3
E811-25Xenon Voice ROM U4
E811-26Xenon Voice ROM U5
E811-27Xenon Voice ROM U6
E811-28Xenon Voice ROM U7
E811-40Xenon U1
E811-41Xenon U2
E819-08Frontier U1
E819-07Frontier U2
E838-03Eight Ball Deluxe S&T sound ROM U4
E838-04Eight Ball Deluxe S&T sound ROM U3
E838-06Eight Ball Deluxe S&T sound ROM U5
E838-13EBD U2 ROM - Revision 1
E838-15EBD U2 ROM - Revision 2
E858-11Vector U2 ROM
E869-02Rapid Fire S&T sound ROM U5 (only ROM used on this board)
E869-03U6 for Rapid Fire
E872-06U2 for Mr & Mrs Pac-Man
E891-15U6 for Baby Pac-Man
E895-04U2 for Grand Slam (2532 EPROM)
E895-01U6 for Grand Slam (2732 EPROM)

If you have any info to add to this list, or corrections, please e-mail us.

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