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Pop Bumper Driver Board Rebuild Kit (Gottlieb):

Price: $28.30 each

Status: In Stock
(5 Available)



Condition: New
Rebuild kit for factory-original pop bumper driver boards used in electronic solid-state (SS) Gottlieb pinball games, late 1970s and up. Includes parts to replace all components on 1 pop bumper driver board, and installation instructions.

Includes chip sockets which allow the 2 ICs on the board to be quickly and easily removed/replaced for future service/repair/troubleshooting.

Parts and instructions included with this kit feature factory-recommended upgrade/modification of circuity on the board for increased reliability of operation.

Requires moderate-to-expert skills with electronics and circuit board work, component handling, ability to ID components and correct pinout/polarity of components, circuit board soldering/desoldering, and necessary tools/equipment.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    GOTTLIEB: Alien Star, Amazon Hunt, Arena, Bad Girls, Big House, Black Hole, Bonebusters Inc., Bounty Hunter, Caveman, Chicago Cubs Triple Play, Circus (Gottlieb), Counterforce, Devils Dare, Diamond Lady, Eclipse, El Dorado City of Gold, Excalibur, Force II, Genesis, Gold Wings, Haunted House, Hollywood Heat, Hot Shots (Gottlieb), Ice Fever, Jacks to Open, James Bond 007, Mars God of War, Monte Carlo (Gottlieb), Panthera, Pink Panther, Punk, Q*Berts Quest, Rack Em Up, Raven, Ready Aim Fire, Robo War, Rock, Rock Encore, Rocky, Royal Flush Deluxe, Spirit of 76, Spring Break, Star Race, Striker (Gottlieb), Super Orbit, Tag Team, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Games, TX Sector, Victory, Volcano

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