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Backbox Lock With Keys - 5/8 Inch - Single-Bitted (Chrome) (SEE NOTE):

Price: $5.99 each

Status: In Stock
(58 Available)



Part #: LOCKSB58
Condition: New
Short-barrel lock for use on backboxes on many later-model Bally & Williams games and some later-model Stern Pinball games with lock over top/center of backglass/translite. Chrome finish. 5/8-inch length barrel (threaded portion of lock). Single-bitted (uses 1-sided key- included). Replaces Stern # 355-5018-02 and others.

Bally/Williams Installation Note: Tab that comes with this lock is slightly longer than original tab used in these games. Retain and re-use original short tab if possible, or new longer tab can be cut short to fit properly.

Easy to install- requires only a wrench and Phillips screwdriver. Avoid damage and injury by keeping your game locked and safe!

Not sure which lock your game needs? Contact us with name of your game and any questions.

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    Used In The Following Games: (The list below may not be complete, and it's accuracy is not guaranteed. Contact us if you have any questions.)
    BALLY: Addams Family, Addams Family Gold, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Doctor Who, Shadow, World Cup Soccer '94

    STERN: Beatles Diamond Edition, Beatles Gold Edition, Beatles Platinum Edition, Black Knight: Sword of Rage LE (Stern), Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium (Stern), Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pro (Stern), Deadpool LE, Deadpool Premium, Elvira's House of Horrors, Elvira's House of Horrors LE (Stern), Elvira's House of Horrors Premium (Stern), Elvira's House of Horrors SE (Stern), Elvis, Elvis Gold, Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy LE, Guardians of the Galaxy Premium, Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast LE, Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Premium, Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast Pro, Jurassic Park LE (Stern), Jurassic Park Premium (Stern), KISS Pro (Stern), Lord of the Rings, Munsters LE, Munsters Premium, Munsters Pro, Star Wars (Stern), Supreme

    WILLIAMS: Congo, Dirty Harry, Dracula (Williams), Flintstones, Getaway High Speed II, Hurricane, Indiana Jones (Williams), Johnny Mnemonic, Medieval Madness (Williams), Monster Bash, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tales of the Arabian Nights, White Water

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