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Flash Gordon (Bally) Xenon Flash Tube (Substitute - SEE NOTE):

Price: $9.95 each

Status: In Stock
(50 Available)



Part #: XFT1
Condition: New
Replacement xenon flash tube for use in strobe light assembly on Bally Flash Gordon pinball. This unit can be used as a functional substitute for the obsolete original part, which is no longer being made.

NOTE: This part is smaller than the original but works the same, and can be easily installed in place of the factory original, on the original mounting bracket. See installation instructions and additional images below for more details.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: This replacement unit has different style terminals for wire connections, so you will have to wire carefully, insulate terminals and wire connections (with shrink tube or similar), and keep terminals safely separated. Terminals may be cut/bent as required for safe connections. See additional images below for suggested mounting of this replacement tube on the factory metal bracket, as well as wiring connections.

WARNING: Very high voltages are present on the strobe assembly in this game, even when power has been turned off. Allow at least 5 minutes after power-off for components to discharge naturally to a save level before handling or servicing.

SUGGESTIONS: If the strobe light in your game still does not work after replacing the xenon flash tube, or is intermittent, dim, or weak, we suggest replacing the two large capacitors next to the xenon flash tube (common failure parts due to old age). Also ensure that you have 110 to 135 volts AC at the appropriate pins on the input connector, as well as 6 volts DC on the switched illumination buss wire (blue), and that your Auxillary Lamp Driver unit is working so that it can activate the strobe light. The strobe light should blink 4 times at the end of game power-up, as it goes into attract mode, waiting to be played, so you can check for this to confirm operation.

Additional Images:

NOTE: No returns on Lighting - all sales final.

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    Used In The Following Games:
    BALLY: Flash Gordon

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