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Before You Buy:

Before you buy a pinball machine (from us, or anyone else), we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you first locate a reputable pinball service person (or company) in your local area who you can call if you need in-person help or service.

Pinball machines have hundreds of intricate moving parts, and like anything with moving parts, they will need periodic maintenance, service, and repair, to keep them functioning properly.

If you are not comfortable or experienced with working on a pinball machine yourself, you will have to enlist the help of a qualified service person in your local area.

You can search online in your local area for "Pinball Repair" for possible leads. Additionally, you may find someone in the business, or hobby, in the Mr. Pinball Collector Register which is an online listing of pinball collectors, repair persons, and enthusiasts all around the world.

Make sure that whomever you find has experience with the kind of pinball machine you want to buy. For example, some service persons may have experience only with the older mechanical pinballs. Others may be experienced with the newer equipment only, and not be able to help if you own an older model game. Some may make house calls, some may require you to bring the game to their shop.

You may also want to ask for references or browse "Google reviews", "Yelp", etc., for more information about repair persons or companies in your area.

Game Shipping Info:

We sell and ship games only within the U.S. and Canada. We do not ship elsewhere due to liability, customs restrictions, and other varying issues.

All games we sell and ship are carefully packaged and custom wood-crated for protection during transit.

We ship through Pilot Air Freight. We drop the packaged game off at their local dock, and they deliver it to their dock nearest your location, where you pick it up.

Additional services such as delivery to your home (curbside drop-off), and unpackaging & bringing the game inside your home ("white glove") may also be available, at additional cost, depending on your location. If interested, please enquire about these optional services at time of ordering.

A lead time of approximately 3 to 4 business days is usually required to get your game packaged and crated before turning it over to the freight company. We will e-mail you with a shipment tracking number, and the freight company's contact information, once the game has been turned over to them.

Delivery time by the freight company is usually 1-2 weeks. Delivery times can be longer during the busy holiday season, or due to inclement weather. (Longest we have seen is 6 weeks during the busy Christmas/Winter season.)

The freight company will call you by phone once the game has arrived at their dock near your area, to make arrangements to turn it over to you.

Game Pickup:

Customers may pick up games at our shop in person. Contact us for more info, and to make arrangements.

We charge a storage fee for any games that are waiting to be picked up. Any applicable storage fees must be paid in full before game can leave our shop. We are not responsible for any storage fees incurred if your game is not picked up on time, or if a shipment is missed due to storage fees not being paid.

Game Setup & Assembly:

Once you've taken delivery of your game, setup & assembly will be up to you.

Please note that most freight carriers are not able or allowed to do any work with your actual merchandise, due to liability reasons, so we do not recommend asking them for help.

Game setup & assembly is actually a simple process, and you can find instructions (with pictures) for most popular makes/models of games in our Game Setup & Assembly Guide here on our website.

Game setup can often be done easily by 1 or 2 persons, and a few simple hand-tools.

If you'd prefer to have someone set the game up for you, you may find someone in your local area that can do the job. You can search online in your local area for "Pinball Repair" for possible leads. Additionally, you may find someone in the business, or hobby, in the Mr. Pinball Collector Register which is an online listing of pinball collectors, repair persons, and enthusiasts all around the world.

Cold Weather:
With shipping an electronic game (or any electronic device) in cold weather, the game should be allowed to warm up to room temperature (65 degrees Fahrenheit or more) before power is applied. Not doing so may risk unnecessary damage to the game. We recommend 2 hours warm up time.

Adjustments/Repair Following Shipping:
Occasionally some games may require some adjustments to parts after they have been shipped. This can be due to the normal effects of transportation such as vibration, shifting, or handling. Buyer is responsible for any adjustments or repair to the game after shipping, and any costs involved.

Shipping Damage & Claims:

With our packaging process and custom-made wood shipping crate, it is very unlikely that your game will receive any damage during shipping. In fact, in all our years in business, to-date, we have not had any crated games get damaged during transit.

However, if your shipment does arrive with apparent damage to the shipping crate, we recommend the following steps:
  1. Do not sign the shipping bill yet. If you do, you will release the freight carrier from any responsibility for the damage, and have no recourse.
  2. Take pictures of any visible damage so you have a record of how the shipment arrived.
  3. You can refuse the shipment if you have not signed for it. We only recommend doing this if you can determine for certain that the game itself has been damaged through the shipping crate, and that it's not something that can be fixed on your own. Often times exterior damage to the crate does not extend inward to the game itself, so the game may be fine, despite any external damage to the crate. If you do refuse the shipment, the freight carrier will send it back to us, and we can work out the details on our end.
  4. If you don't intend to refuse the shipment at this point, have the freight carrier note on the shipping bill, in writing, the exact details of the observed damage to the crate and/or game (from what is visible from outside the crate, and through any openings in the packaging).
  5. Have the freight carrier note, on the shipping bill, in writing, that the observations of damage have been made before you have taken receipt of the shipment, and before the shipment has been opened/unpacked. This must always be done in the presence of the freight carrier representative.
  6. Be sure that both you, and the freight carrier, will have a copy of the shipping bill, with the damage details noted.
  7. Sign the shipping bill if the above has been done to your satisfaction, and if you don't intend to refuse the shipment. (After signing the shipping bill, you no longer have the option of refusing the shipment.)
  8. At this point you can open the crate to further inspect the damage. (Freight carriers will not let you open a shipment until the shipping bill has been signed, indicating you have taken posession of it.) To open the crate, you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver- preferably a power one- to remove the multiple screws holding the crate together.
  9. Have the freight carrier stay with you while you open and inspect the contents of the container for any additional damage that was not visible before opening. Have the freight carrier note any further damage on the shipping bill, and indicate that the further damage was discovered after signing for shipment and opening the carton, and that it was done so in the presence of the freight carrier representative.
If you wish to inquire with us about repairs for a game that was damaged in shipping, let us know, and we can determine if we can help, or possibly help you find someone in your local area who may be able to help in-person.

Game Deliveries & Moving:

We no longer do any game deliveries or game moving, for health, safety, and liability reasons.

If you have a game that you need moved within your home, or from one location to another, and are not willing/able to do so on your own, you can do what some of our other customers have done in the past, and enlist the help of a professional moving service.

Below is a listing of some local (Utah) moving companies, and also some national freight shippers (across the U.S.), who can help move or otherwise transport a game for you.

We do not specifically recommend or endorse any particular company listed below, but some are more suited for dealing with the general public than others. Others may deal more with commercial accounts. See listing below for more details. The listings below are for your reference/convenience only, and are listed in alphabetical order. You can also find others by searching on the internet.

Local Shippers/Movers Within Utah:
Carrier: Phone: Web: Notes:
All My Sons Moving & Storage 801-203-4385 Good with general public
Local or nationwide moving.
Express Transportation 800-640-5527
435-363-9020 Good with general public
Mountain Movers 435-640-1559
Click here Good with general public
Based in Park City / Summit County area.
Park City Moving Company 435-709-1460 Good with general public
Based in Park City / Summit County area.
Rocky Mountain Movers 888-252-4465
801-839-4940 Good with general public
May also ship out-of-state.
Two Man Movers 801-980-0872 (Salt Lake)
801-326-8359 (Sandy)
435-640-5713 (Park City) Good with general public
May also ship/move out-of-state.

Nationwide / International Shippers:
Carrier: Phone: Web: Notes:
ABF Freight 1-800-610-5544  
Estes Express See website  
FedEx Freight 1-800-463-3399 Good with general public.
Forward Air Freight 1-800-726-6654  
Midwest Motor Express 701-223-1880 Based in Bismarck, ND
North American Van Lines 1-800-823-0392 Good with general public.
Old Dominion Freight Line 1-800-235-5569  
Pilot Air Freight 1-800-447-4568 Good with general public.
R & L Carriers 1-800-543-5589  
Roadway Carriers 1-800-610-6500 (US)
1-877-330-3321 (Canada) Roadway and Yellow are now the same company- YRC
UPS Freight 1-800-333-7400 Click here  
USF Reddaway 1-800-395-1360  
Yellow Freight 1-800-610-6500 (US)
1-877-330-3321 (Canada) Roadway and Yellow are now the same company- YRC
YRC Carriers 1-800-610-6500 (US)
1-877-330-3321 (Canada)  

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us!

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