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LED Tube Installation (Fluorescent Replacement) - Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition
The instructions below are for installation of our part # FLUOR_12_LED_KIT into a Bally Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition game.

  1. Please read through the instructions below first, before attempting any of the work. If any of the steps look to be beyond your personal abilities, please enlist the help of a qualified helper or service person.
  2. Some differences between the instructions below and what you see in your actual game may be present, depending on the age of your game and variances in factory design. Please consult your game manual's schematic section if you are unsure about any wires, and need help identifying them.
  3. High voltages are associated with the parts and wiring detailed here, so use caution and be sure your game is UNPLUGGED while doing the work.
  4. We are not responsible for any damage or injury to you or your game as a result of following or not following these instructions. All work is done at your own risk.
The LED tube kit we sell includes the following parts:
  • 12-inch double-ended LED tube (fluorescent replacement)
  • Lamp socket mounting screws
  • Wiring harness adapter
  • Warning tags (2)
Tools Needed:
  • 1/4 inch socket driver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Phillips screw driver
  • 9/64 inch drill bit and drill
General Instructions:

The original fluorescent starter and ballast are bypassed using the included wiring harness adapter. This sends line voltage (~120 volts) directly to both lamp sockets for the LED tube. The LED tube can be installed in either direction (has no polarity).

No wire cutting or electrical modifications are required.

New shorter mounting screws (included) must be installed for the lamp sockets. This allows the slightly-larger-diameter LED tube to fit properly in the lamp sockets.

One lamp socket must be moved about 1/4 inch outward to allow the slightly-longer-length LED tube to fit properly in the lamp sockets. This requires drilling a new screw hole for one of the lamp sockets.

Step-by-Step Instructions (With Pictures):
(Click any image to enlarge)
Step 1:
TURN POWER OFF. UNPLUG GAME. High voltages are present inside the game when plugged in, which can injure or kill. Leave power off, and game unplugged, until work is complete!
Step 2:

Unlock backbox and remove backglass to gain access to fluorescent tube and circuit boards inside.
Step 3:

Remove old fluorescent tube from it's mounting sockets on either end of the tube. To do this, rotate the tube 1/4 turn, and pull straight out from the sockets.
Step 4:

Open insert panel to gain access to circuit boards on back side of panel.

Remove the Squawk & Talk board (far/lower left), and the lamp driver board (far right) to gain access to the screws behind them that hold the fluorescent lamp sockets in place.

You will need a 1/4-inch socket driver to remove the factory-original mounting screws for each board (2 screws per board).

Plastic standoffs will also hold each board in place. Use needle-nose pliers (or similar) to pinch each standoff while you remove the board from it.

(Centaur II shown - Eight Ball Deluxe L.E. similar)
Step 5:

Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the 2 screws and washers that hold the lamp sockets to the insert panel.

Discard the screws, but keep the washers.
Step 6:

Place a washer on one of the new shorter screws that comes in the kit, and install it into the right-side hole (nearest the insert panel hinge).

Secure the lamp socket to the screw on the front side of the insert panel.

The shorter screws allow the slightly-larger-diameter LED tube to fit in the sockets properly, without hitting the original long screws.
Step 7:

For the left screw hole (farthest from the hinge), use a 9/64-inch drill bit and electric drill to make a new screw hole just to the left of the old screw hole.

About 1/8-inch between the old and new holes is best.

Using the remaining shorter screw from the kit, place a washer on it, and install it into the new hole you drilled for the left-side lamp socket.

Secure the lamp socket to the screw on the front side of the insert panel.
Step 8:

Slip one of the 2 warning tags over the new LED tube and install it into the lamp sockets on the front of the insert panel.

Be sure to line up the pins on each end of the tube horizontally so they both slip straight into each socket.

Once in each socket, turn the tube 1/4 turn in either direction to lock it in place in the sockets.

The tube can be installed in either direction (it has no polarity). We recommend installing the tube so that the back masking on the tube is facing AWAY FROM the insert panel. This directs most of the tube's light at the insert panel, but tends to disburse the light more evenly, and illuminate the backglass better, once it's installed and illuminated.
Step 9:

Gain access to the power supply in the main cabinet by opening the coin door, removing the front lockdown bar and playfield glass, then raising the playfield and supporting it with the metal prop stick on the inside right wall of the main cabinet. Ensure the playfield is secure in the upright position before continuing.

Locate the ~120-vac wires coming out of the left side of the transformer. These will be 2 brown wires that lead to a 6-pin connector. They will share the connector with 4 black wires which lead to the fluorescent starter, and ballast, mounted on the front of the power supply assembly.

Disconnect the connector as shown.
Step 10:

Locate the wiring harness adapter included with the kit and install it between the 2 connectors you disconnected in the previous step.

We recommend slipping the 2nd warning tag over this adapter harness before connecting it (warning tag not shown in image).

Warning tags on the adapter harness and LED lamp will alert future service persons to the changes that have been made to these parts, and help avoid possible problems.

Check your work, then plug game in and turn power on. LED tube should light up right away. If not, turn power off, unplug game, and double-check your work.

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